Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SensaCalm Review!

SensaCalm is the home of the Original Affordable Weighted Blanket. And for those of you that are new to weighted blankets they are a therapeutic blanket that is made with weights to provide proprioceptive (awareness of one's body position in space) input to the body. This is similar to when you swaddle a baby. Weighted blankets tend to help relieve stress and anxiety and help your child( or an adult) sleep through the night(isn't that lovely!).

SensaCalm was generous enough to let me review a product of theirs! I got the small size,which don't let its name fool you I can cuddle up under this bad boy too, in the Fuchsia print with no  Polyfil (pillow stuffing). I thought the lack of fluffy-ness from the no  Polyfil blanket would be wonderful for our car trips and easier for my toddler to use. 

How did it work for little ones you might ask?! ........................


Here is my 4 yr old trying it out

she immediately cuddled up

and not too long fell fast asleep!

This Blanket was amazing it truly helped my kiddos sleep especially in the car! My 19 month old will not sleep anywhere but in her crib so car travel is kinda difficult with her if its an extended trip but when we packed up this weekend for a about 2 hour (one way trip) she slept wonderfully and was well rested for our family outing!

This blanket from SensaCalm worked wonders at night too my 4 and 5 year old have been getting up several times a night for the past month or two and ever since the first night they used it they haven't been in my bed or getting up all night (which is absolutely amazing fitting 4 people in a bed is not my idea of a good nights sleep)!

My overall experience with SensaCalm has been wonderful! And I'm so impressed with their products! Be sure to go check out their website and their other products like

  • Weighted Vests
  • Weighted Belts
  • Sensory Accessories
  •  and their large selection of Weighted Blankets

  • Be sure to connect with SensaCalm on Facebook and Twitter and tell them I sent you!!

    Thank you SensaCalm

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    joanne said...

    The blanket that you reviewed is a small size - what weight is it?