Sunday, September 30, 2012

Niteo Review

I have the pleasure to share with you guys a great site that I recently discovered, Niteo, Where Elegance meets Modern Fashion! There catch phrase/slogan describes their site perfectly, Niteo is a Site that carries Women's and Girls apparel (coming soon organic Baby items!) and their items are simply elegant and modern which is a perfect combination!

I was sent 3 items from Niteo to review, two dresses for my girls and then one for myself!

photo from Niteo's site
photo from Niteo's site


First off the site is wonderful and easy to navigate! Second they arrived very quickly from the time the order was placed, I was shocked by how fast they arrived! And then the quality is GREAT! All three of these dresses are just wonderful!

Shrug Girls Dress in Purple
I let my oldest daughter pick her own dress off the site and this one was the winner, as soon as she saw it she had to have it! When it arrived I showed her and she was in love "it looks like Rapunzel's dress from Tangled mama!" Then she tried it on and immediately began to twirl around singing the Tangled Magic hair song (if you've watched tangled then you know what I'm talking about) I always ask her what she thinks about any product that I'm reviewing for her, she is my 100% honest child who will tell you what she thinks no matter what, I think the saying "the truth hurts" was made for her because she is so honest no matter what which is good and bad lol, so I know she will always give me her honest opinion on products and this one Got her seal of approval her exact words "it's beautiful, I'm a princess, and it's NOT scratchy" So this is a win for her and I'm pretty fond of it myself!

Sleeveless Purple Polka Dot Dress
This dress I picked for my youngest daughter, and I did pick it to coordinate my older daughter's pick, both are purple but not totally matching (which I like matching don't get me wrong but I like them to favor without being identical too)! This dress is so cute great pattern and vibrant colors I love the button up sleeveless style and it's lightweight and just an all around great dress for a little girl! As soon as I tried the dress on my little one she ran to the mirror and checked herself out and then ran to play with her older sister (the one dancing singing because her dress turned her into Rapunzel) So since my youngest is typically a streaker (I can't get that girl to keep clothes on) her actually keeping this dress on was a great sign that I think she truly likes it!

And Finally the dress I picked for myself. I use to wear nothing but dresses I mean seriously I knew people for years who thought that I didn't own pants, I love dresses and literally about a month ago I was going through my closet and noticed that I had NO nice dresses to wear, I mean what if we actually had a date night or a special event to go to I would've been totally under dressed, which is never acceptable :) ! So needless to say I was thrilled when I found out that I would be reviewing NITEO'S Colorblock Sheath Dress, this dress is GORGEOUS, I mean wonderful, it's very classy and a great dress that can be dressed up for a formal event or dressed down for a more casual outing! I truly love this dress the colorblock design is slimming, which is always a plus, and the details are wonderful, I mean Just look at the sleeves all fluttery and they have Rhinestones, ok I'm a sucker for a good rhinestone! But seriously this dress is stunning and I feel total confidence when wearing it! I can't wait to wear it to one of our fall outings, the orange color is wonderful!
Here are a few of Our Picture's of the Dresses!
her hair was wet she just got out of the bath so before I did it!

My dress, although i know it looks way better on the model I Just love this dress!
Overall Niteo is a great company to find amazing clothing for Women and Children! I love that their clothing contains timeless style while still being in touch with modern trends, and even more so I love that Niteo's Girl's clothing is actually styled appropriate for a Child, sweet cute and innocent clothing for little girls no teenage clothing for toddlers which is so hard to find these days! I encourage you all to go check out Niteo and I'm sure you will find something you will like if not Love!
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I was sent these products for review purposes and in no way was my opinion swayed in anyway!

Friday, September 28, 2012

7-Keto Ultra Winner!!

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Bamboo Cosmetics Review

 I recently discovered Bamboo Cosmetics and contacted them about doing a review of their products, luckily they said YES! So I got to try out BAMBOO LASH and BAMBOO BROW!

Here is a little info about Bamboo Cosmetics:
·         Their products are all natural
·         Bamboo extract known as the richest know source of natural silica (essential for hair growth and shown to prevent hair loss).
·         Their products are vegan (no animal products used whatsoever)
·         The lash enhancer gradually darkens and adds strength to your lashes
·         The brow enhancer gradually darkens your brow hairs and tints new growth to make the brows seem thicker.
·         Their products are Gluten free
·         It actually WORKS, unlike so many beauty aids that make false claims
Find out Much more info HERE!!
First off I will tell you about my experiences with Bamboo Lash!
I don't have bad Lashes (i don't think lol) but who doesn't want bigger/fuller eyelashes, so I was excited to try out this product, and was honestly very skeptical of it actually working I mean there are so many products out there that claim to make your lashes fuller or longer and they are in no way good for you so Of course I had my doubts on a NATURAL product actually working! I have only been using Bamboo Lash for a week now and I honestly can Notice a GREAT deal of difference in my Lashes they are not only longer but they are darker too!! The site tells you best results in 4-6 weeks so I can't wait to see how great my lashes will be looking by that time! I was normally using 3 types of mascara every morning (each had it's purpose i promise :)) and now I can just apply one type of mascara and have amazing Lashes! I've caught myself just looking at how great my lashes look every morning when I'm done with my makeup kind of a double take in the mirror :) So I give this product 10 stars (because 5 would not be enough)!
Before and after pics from Bamboo Cosmetics (I took before pics but somehow they were deleted so I'm taking a new before pic tonight and will update in a few more weeks but my results are pretty much dead on to these photos)
Next up Bamboo Brow!
I had a few sparse patches in my brows, nothing I ever worried about though I just filled them in with brow eyeshadow(yeah I'm too cheap to buy "brow filling" products eyeshadow works perfectly fine) but after using Bamboo Brow, for just a week also, My brows look great, and I actually care now lol! My brows have darkened and become fuller (but not bush man fuller so no worries) they look natural and wonderful, Bamboo Brow totally corrected all my teenage years of over plucking that ended up leaving me with patches! and I was shocked that the Brow product actually left noticeable results in only a week's time, my brows grow Slow I mean SLOW I only have to touch them up every like 6 months or more so for Bamboo Brow to Show me such great results in such short time I'm very very impressed! I no longer have to use my eyeshadow to fill in my brows in the mornings!
Overall I have fallen hard for Bamboo Cosmetics, great products, that actually work, and are natural and good for your body, what's not to Love?!?!
Connect with Bamboo Cosmetics on these great sites:
Thank you Bamboo Cosmetics!
*I was sent this product to review and in no way was my opinion and/or thoughts swayed in anyway this is a truly awesome product that works!*

Monday, September 24, 2012

Design a Shirt Custom Shirts Review

Design A Shirt is a great site where you can, well, Design a Shirt for anything, Schools, Events, Groups, the sky is the limit!
I was given the Chance to Design A Shirt of my choice and ended up Deigning a School Shirt for My son, who just started Kindergarten!
Here is the Preview of My Shirt!
First off let's go over the ease of use of the Website. It was so easy everything is broken down into Categories and there are so many options to create a Shirt that is perfect for your needs! I chose a Children's Tee then got to the best part. the Designing! Like I mentioned before there are options like crazy, fonts, Placement of Words, Shape of Words, Clip art (they have tons to choose from which is broken down into neatly organized categories or you can upload your own for a totally customized piece!) Then you can Add word/pictures on the back (names numbers sayings whatever you want). I literally had so much fun Designing this Shirt!
How's the Quality of the Product?
Well it's just wonderful, it shipped very quickly and when my son wore it to school, as soon as we walked up to the school we got so many compliments, "where did you get that shirt?" and "That is so Neat!" And my son loved it he says it's very comfy and "cool" which it is the shirt is so soft and the color is Very Vibrant and I will have to agree with him on the Cool Factor, it is very "Cool"!
Overall if you are looking for a great site, with many options, high quality, and GREAT customer service then Design A Shirt is your place to go for all your Custom Shirt Needs! I know I've just been talking about their Custom Shirts, but At Design A Shirt They also have pants, hoodies, jersey dresses, and every style shirt that you could possibly think of!
Here are Photos of our shirt after being washed and dried 2 times and woren once (wash before wear, wore it to school, then washed again)
ok I'm  guilty of leaving clothes in the dryer longer than I should (hints why its wrinkled) and it's way overcast here so the picture quality isn't great, but the point is even with it being dark in the middle of the day and my lack of June Cleaver-ness by leaving clothes in the dryer the shirt is still Awesome! The washing and drying did not effect it in anyway so overall Great!!
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*I was sent this product for review purposes and my thoughts and opinions in no way were swayed in anyway!*

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nomadic State of Mind Sandals Review

I was Recently Sent 2 Pairs of Nomadic State of Mind Sandals for review, Womens JC Sandal, Camel  and Children's Kids JC, Camel, and My Feet are Happy Now!

Women's JC Sandal, Camel

Children's Kids JC, Camel
First off I LOVE Rope Sandals I have a pair that I've had since I was 15 (and I still wore them) that are beat up woren out, so I was so Excited to get the JC Sandal, Camel! My old woren out pair are not Nomadic State of Mind Sandals ( I honestly dont know what brand they are) ,and I wasnt expecting a Huge difference when I tried the Nomadic State of Mind Sandals out, but I was Wrong the Nomadic State of Mind Sandals are SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE, and just overall better quality! I think I've officially retired my "teenage years" shoes for these new and by far improved Sandals!
Then the Children's Kids JC, Camel Sandals are perfect for my kiddos little feet, they love wearing them and infact have decided to use them for school shoes (their school requires soft soled shoes for in the classroom) and these are so comfortable on their little feet!
Nomadic State of Mind offers so much more too here are a Few of My Favorites:


Nomadic State of Mind is a Wonderful Shop with Amazing Products and I highly Reccomend their Sandals to Make your Feet Happy!!
Here is a picture of My Happy Feet!
ok feet arent pretty but the Sandals Are!
Thank you Nomadic State of Mind
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Saturday, September 22, 2012




Ok with it being the first official day of Fall and All I thought I would Share my Ideal Fall Bucket list


·         Go on a hike

·         Picnic At the Park

·         Make the some Treats and Take them to a neighbor or Friend

·         Make Soup or Chili

·         Bake an apple pie

·         Hay Ride!

·         Visit a Haunted House (if you children are old enough)

·         Decide on what to be for Halloween and Purchase or start making the Costumes! ( I love making my chidren's Costumes!)

·         Go to a  football game (even if it’s just a local High School)

·         Make bird feeders

·         Watch Hocus Pocus

·         Drive around and Look at others' Halloween/Fall Decor

·         Take a Drive to see all the Colors of Fall

·         Make a thankful tree (found an Idea HERE)

·         Go on a fall nature walks

·         Celebrate Oktoberfest (Adults only lol)

·         Make hand print turkeys

·         Visit a corn maze

·         Visit an apple orchard

·         Make New Pumpkin Recipes that you’ve never tried before

·         Make a "ghostly" pizza (idea HERE)

·         Have a family movie nights

·         Make pumpkin bread

·         Play in the leaves

·         Watch “It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

·         Force kids to watch Casper and all other Halloween movies from my childhood

·         Make a fall hand print wreath (Idea HERE)

·         Shop at the Farmers Market

·         Pick our pumpkins from the Garden

·         Carve a pumpkins

·         Go on a leaf hunt

·         Paint a pumpkin

·         Roast pumpkin seeds

·         Make caramel apples or better yet Slices HERE

·         Make googly-eye spiders

·         Actually Plan Thanksgiving dinner at least a week before (no running to the store the day before) Here are some side dish ideas

·         Go on a backyard scavenger hunt

·         Decorate your home for Fall/Halloween (we start Oct. 1st)

·         Hot Cocoa on the trampoline while star gazing

·         Have a Halloween party (Ideas HERE, HERE and HERE)

·         Pumpkin Latte (Recipe HERE)

·         Fill my house with Pumpkin Scented Everything!

·         Make Pecan Pie

·         Make Rubbings of Leaves (where you rub the crayon on paper on top of the leaves!)

·         Make a Scarecrow

·         Go on to the park/playground as much as possible before it’s buried in snow!

·         Make fall leaf collage

·         Go to a Pumpkin Patch

·         Play Backyard Football

·         Take Pictures for our Christmas Cards

·         Make a list of what you are thankful for( I like to make a chain out of them to decorate for Thanksgiving dinner)

·         Make sweet potato pie

·         Make pumpkin pie (yes a lot of pie!)

·         Send Halloween Cards

·         Make Smores

·         Wine (enough said)

·         Trick or Treat

·         Try to convince my Children to Dress like Pilgrims and Indians for Thanksgiving Dinner (yeah reminds me of Elementary school days plays lol)

Oh and to help you with your Halloween Crafts HERE is a Link to 31 FREE Halloween Printables!

Okay that’s what I’ve got So Far and NO there is probably a high chance that I will NOT do EVERYTHING on this list it’s just a mental note of what I would like to do if I was super lady/mom lol

What is on your Fall Bucket List I love discovering new ideas!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bits Limited Green Surge Protector Review!

I was Recently Sent a Green Surge Protector, the SCG3, by Bits Limited for review and I love it!

With this great Surge Protector being "Green" is EASY! I'm all for helping the environment in anyway that I possibly can and with the SCG3 it's so so so Easy!

About the SCG3, Green Surge Protector:

The essential workhorse of the Smart Strips. The SCG series was designed to save the user time, energy and money without having to change anything about your current usage habits. The Smart Strip will automatically control the flow of power to peripheral devices based on one devices power draw.
Features powerful surge protection and an award-winning ergonomic design; attention to detail shines through every inch, from the plug shape to the recessed power switch.

With this great Surge Protector It makes saving energy possible with little to no work!

Ok here is a short video that will show you the awesomeness of the Smart strip and explain it way better than I can!

I'm amazed with this Smart Strip and Love the idea of Saving energy and Money by simply changing my surge protector out! and it works like a champ I plugged in our TV, Cable box thing, Modem, DVD player and all that other TV/Internet junk into this Smart Strip, and just like that My family is Saving energy! I love how it will turn off items that are left in sleep or stand-by mode, our TV gets left in Stand-by mode A lot, so it's great knowing that I have the Smart Strip to back me up on Energy Saving when I forget and I also love how you have designated plugs for whichever items you do not want turned off/"unplugged" and its just amazing how it knows to turn on the correct items when needed!

Here is Another Quick Video of the Smart Strip Being explained and Featured on Oprah

Overall I'm very happy with this Smart Strip! I love being environmental friendly whenever possible and of course I love the Money Savings! Every home should have a smart strip in their home!!

Connect with Bits Limited on these great sites:
 *I was sent this item for review purposes and in no way was my opinion swayed in any way*

Week 2 Party Month: Bake it Pretty Review!

"Sweet Supplies for Inspired Bakers"

Bake it Pretty is a Great Shop filled with wonderful baking and party needs to help make your creations the belle of the ball!

With My Daughter's Birthday quickly approaching (our baby will be 2! I still can't believe it!!) I was so excited to be able to do a review of Bake it Pretty's Great selection of Baking supplies and party "accessories"!

cute cute packaging!

My daughter was WAY excited!!

Here is What I was sent in my box of baking/party goodies:



First off all of these products are great vibrant colors and made of high quality materials! I literally Cannot Wait to use these to help make my daughter's birthday, well, PRETTY! And the prices are Amazing!! 
You can obviously tell we are going with a red & yellow theme and I had such a hard time deciding what products I wanted to review since there are so many great items to choose from! Also if red & yellow aren't the colors you have in mind never fear Bake it Pretty has such a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from and their site is so neatly organized, while browsing it shows you all of each color at once for example all the red patterns are grouped together, then orange, then yellow, pink and etc, you get it right lol! I love a Organized site it makes shopping online so so much easier!
Look for pictures of my Bake It Pretty Items in use when I post pictures of My daughter's birthday at the end of October!
Be sure to connect with Bake it Pretty on these Great Sites:
  • Want to Shop: Visit their Website HERE
  • Join them of Facebook to stay updated on all things BAKE IT PRETTY
  • Follow Bake it Pretty on Twitter
  • Want to see some Beautiful Pictures from Bake it Pretty Visit them on Flickr
Thank you Bake it Pretty!
*DO you want your party shop/site featured during this "party month"? It will be available to run through October 17th and will feature an initial review on just the site and/or shop then another link to you from the post of the party please feel free to contact me :)*

*I was sent this product at no cost to me but all thoughts and opinions are mine and were swayed in NO way*

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dust Off Winner!!

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Easy Print Canvas Review!

I love Photos on Canvas, so naturally I was thrilled when I found out that I was getting to do a review for Easy Canvas Prints!

Photos on Canvas Just automatically make a space look so much better, and you do not just have to order professional photos that cost $$$$ like crazy from studios to be able to enjoy Photos on Canvas in your home! With Easy Canvas Prints you can upload any photo you want, from your computer, facebook, instagram, and etc, and have it turned into a beautiful work of art for your home!!

My experience with the website was terrific, and so Very Simple!  I chose a size (8x10) then the hardest part was picking what picture I wanted to use! I have 3 children that NEVER are all looking in pictures therefore I don't have great ones of them all 3 together so It felt like picking favorites when trying to decide "Who's" picture to order! I ended up going with a photo of my two daughters together ( my son is the oldest we went like every other week and had his picture made somewhere so this is where "mommy guilt" kicks in because we in no way have as many pictures of the girls lol)

So I selected the photo and then there are a few other options for how you want it framed and the canvas to look (very simple)

and I placed the order and was done!

Here is the picture I used

Original Picture I used

Picture of the Photo on Canvas

IT turned out Fantastic (they aren't looking in this picture either I can NEVER get them to look at a camera!) But honestly this Photo on Canvas turned out wonderfully, and very high quality looking, which I was worried about because the original photo I used was taken with my Camera on my Phone (and it is NOT a Fancy smancy camera phone its pretty basic) So Wonderful site to use easy to order great finished product!!

I want all of my Photos on Canvas now!!!

Also if you are looking for Custom Signs , banners, magnets, streets signs, and etc whether it be for business or home use you should check out THIS site!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ketch the Spirit Winner!!

So Sorry I'm late annoucing this but the winner for the Ketch the Spirit Dress Giveaway is (thanks to

Lexie said...
My fav item is the Alabama ruffles

  I'm emailing you now, you have 48 hours to email me back :)))

Thanks to Everyone who entered and stick around more GREAT giveaways to come!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

MouthMan Winner!

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Sweet Dolls Review!

I just received the absolutely cutest doll ever for my oldest daughter, who will be heading to her first ever day of preschool Monday morning, from Sweet Dolls Etsy Shop!

Sweet Dolls is a great Etsy Shop filled with such wonderfully handmade Dolls, Rattles, and So much more! And if you want a custom item don't hesitate to Contact Sweet Dolls, custom orders are Always Welcome!!

I was sent A Mermaid Doll with Pet JellyFish for my daughter as a gift for starting her first ever year of school !

Look how cute the packaging is!!

This doll went way above and beyond my expectations, I mean I knew they would be adorable from the pictures on the Etsy Shop, but when I actually saw  them in person I was blown away! The colors are so vibrant, the doll has so much detail (the hair is just amazing!) the jellyfish is just so cute and the perfect companion for this lovely mermaid! You can tell so much love and attention to detail went into the creation this doll I mean I can't quite find the words to express how overly happy I am with Sweet Dolls!

And My Daughter is in LOVE!! As soon as we took "Princess Mermaid D" & "Jelly" (that's what she named them) out of the adorable packaging she instantly was attached! This Doll and "Jelly" have traveled everywhere with my daughter (playing outside, bike rides, the park, doctor appointment, every car ride, sleeping, ok you get the point EVERYWHERE) and my daughter is NOT the child who is attached to certain toys or dolls, she in fact is the one who I'm nervous with during holidays and birthdays because she is brutally honest and will tell you if she doesn't like something, so for her to be this into her lovely new doll then I know she truly loves it!!

Here is a listing for a Mermaid Doll that is similar to the one we got

Sweet Dolls Etsy Shop has SO many Cute creations here are just a FEW of my Favorites

(My son Wants these so Bad)
Overall I LOVE Sweet Dolls!!! And if you are looking for an adorable and unique doll for someone in your life then SWEET DOLLS is your place to go, and remember Sweet Dolls makes custom dolls, how cute would it be to have a doll made to look like your daughter, niece, or whoever!
 I honestly can't express how Wonderfully made and What great quality these dolls are !!


Visit SWEET DOLLS on ETSY (be sure to tell them I sent you!!)

*I was sent these products for review purposes and in no way were my opinions and/or thoughts swayed in anyway*