Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Easy Print Canvas Review!

I love Photos on Canvas, so naturally I was thrilled when I found out that I was getting to do a review for Easy Canvas Prints!

Photos on Canvas Just automatically make a space look so much better, and you do not just have to order professional photos that cost $$$$ like crazy from studios to be able to enjoy Photos on Canvas in your home! With Easy Canvas Prints you can upload any photo you want, from your computer, facebook, instagram, and etc, and have it turned into a beautiful work of art for your home!!

My experience with the website was terrific, and so Very Simple!  I chose a size (8x10) then the hardest part was picking what picture I wanted to use! I have 3 children that NEVER are all looking in pictures therefore I don't have great ones of them all 3 together so It felt like picking favorites when trying to decide "Who's" picture to order! I ended up going with a photo of my two daughters together ( my son is the oldest we went like every other week and had his picture made somewhere so this is where "mommy guilt" kicks in because we in no way have as many pictures of the girls lol)

So I selected the photo and then there are a few other options for how you want it framed and the canvas to look (very simple)

and I placed the order and was done!

Here is the picture I used

Original Picture I used

Picture of the Photo on Canvas

IT turned out Fantastic (they aren't looking in this picture either I can NEVER get them to look at a camera!) But honestly this Photo on Canvas turned out wonderfully, and very high quality looking, which I was worried about because the original photo I used was taken with my Camera on my Phone (and it is NOT a Fancy smancy camera phone its pretty basic) So Wonderful site to use easy to order great finished product!!

I want all of my Photos on Canvas now!!!

Also if you are looking for Custom Signs , banners, magnets, streets signs, and etc whether it be for business or home use you should check out THIS site!

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