Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easy Shopping with a $25 Giveaway!!

If you are anything like me then you love to shop online, get everything you need delivered right to your doorstep without even putting pants on! There are a few specific websites that I always turn to when looking for execllent gifts or a unique item that I might be needing, and CafePress is usually my go to site for that!
CafePress carries everything from T-shirts for the whole family to Showercurtains and so so much more! Also A lot of their products are customizable!
Also another one of my favorite sections are their Invites and invitations and cool Greeting Cards! With their invitations I know that I will find a totally unique great invite for whatever event that I may be planning! And Their Greeting Cards are just wonderful I like them because they have every type of card that you may want and the cards wont seem like usual "off the store shelf" cards!
Here are a few of my New Favorites from CafePress!
Whether I’m shopping for someone else or for myself I always turn to Cafepress, the variety is endless!
One of you Lucky Readers will win $25 to spend at Cafepress Just follow the Rafflecopter form below!!
This sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with CafePress and that any references to any of Z’s Place Blog’s products, services, or offerings by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier or otherwise do not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation thereof by CafePress.
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Dorm Co

I just found a New (to me) site that has all kinds of amazing products to help keep your life organized and beautiful.... Dorm Co.!!
I just Placed an order for a product that I've been searching for, for months now, look for full review to come soon!
With Dorm Co. Shopping couldn't be easier a wide variety of products at affordable prices and their shipping price is amazing just $2.95 shipping on everything with no minimum purchase!!!
Head on over to Dorm Co. today to check out their great selection!

Verb Hair Care Review & GIVEAWAY


I am always looking for products that are good for my hair most leave me wanting something better. Well I have found something brilliant, Verb hair care.

Are you looking for affordable hair products that work just as well as the expensive salon products? Well you are going to love Verb, here is a little more information about Verb from the website:

“Verb was born at Birds Barbershop, the award-winning salons that look and feel nothing like typical salons in Texas’ capital city. Affordable, professional-quality unisex haircuts was what Birds did best, but nobody wanted the expensive hair product on the shelves. Customers still wanted to look good – they just didn’t want to pay as much as their haircut to do so. We went looking for something that cost less, but maintained quality. A product focused on quality over frills, like Birds was. They never found one and created Verb, with everything in the line retail priced at $12. The right price – the honest price for everything you want, and all you don’t.”


I Was Sent 3 Products from VERB for Review :

Ghost Oil
Ghost oil is a weightless blend of argan + moringa oils. It’s a vanishing daily restorative that revitalizes and repairs the hair. The integrated blend of oils enriches the hair shaft with essential nutrients that naturally smooth frizz and promote radiant shine for all hair types
My thoughts: Ghost Oil is Awesome I always have frizzy fly aways on top of my head and the curls underneath my hair so just a drop of this miracle oil solved my problems no more fly ways!! Also I tried this while straightening my hair and my hair looked better than ever!

Leave In Mist

Verb Leave-In Mist is the essential step between washing and styling and is a must have for kids with truly unruly hair. This Formula was created it: moisturize, detangle, nourish, smooth, tame frizz, repair ends, add shine, prevent breakage, enhance elasticity, protect from heat, prep for styling.
My Thoughts: The Leave in Mist is great for both adults and children! I myself have curly hair that is pretty tangle-y at times so I sprayed this in my towel dried hair and woke up the next morning with shinier softer more manageable hair! And My daughter has WAY thick hair, I cursed her with it i guess, but she will not let us cut it not even to thin it out, she wants to be Rapunzel and have long long hair, which I've explained layers and thinning still keeps it long, but She thinks she'll lose her magic if she cuts it, Thank you Disney, anyways back to thick unmanageable hair, it's out of control she wakes up every morning with awful knots and it's a battle to brush her hair, After using the Leave in Mist Her hair was tangle free in the morning; I just sprayed some in her hair after bath time and she woke up with "princess hair" as she called it!

Volume Spray

This body boosting mist amplifies fine hair for a full flexible finish. Verb Volume Spray is a weightless formula designed to pump up any style while leaving the hair with an all-day soft and touchable hold.
My Thoughts: The Volume Spray was My Favorite! I'm always trying to get Volume to stay in the crown of my head and with back combing and other "root lifters" it never failed to fall within 5 minutes of styling my hair! Well With This Volume Spray I just simply Sprayed it into my damp hair, kinda worked it in the spots I really wanted the lift, and went to sleep.(Now you can use this however you style your hair wash then blow dry or lazy like me and sleep on it wet) I will admit I was skeptical of this product actually working but when I woke up the next morning I was blown away I had just the right amount of Volume in the Places I sprayed with no back combing!!! The first day I used this product I sprayed my hair with Hair spray like normal, but the second day I skipped out on the hair spray and the Volume still lasted all day!! This product should be in every girls beauty supplies!!!

Overall I am completely sold on Verb Products! They are inexpensive and honestly really work!
Want to Learn more about Verb Go HERE!
Connect With Verb on these great sites:
VERB Has offered one of you Lucky Readers a Chance to Win your very own Volume Spray  byVerb just follow the Rafflecopter form below!!
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lumnique Candles Review & GIVEAWAY!

I love candles. Scented or non-scented; All Candles and  I love the look of candles at night. Honestly I’m like a candle hoarder can’t get enough of them, But wouldn’t it be cool if you could personalize the candle you want? And Truly Make a unique candle made just how you want?!
Well Thanks to Lumnique you can truly personalize a candle for any occasion!


How Easy is it to Create your own Beautiful Candle from Lumnique? Just follow these easy steps:

• Step 1: Select an intention or create your own message – This text will appear on the intention panel on your certificate. (Birthday Wedding Just Because Good Luck and Etc.)

• Step 2: Choose the perfect color for your personalized candle – 14 beautiful colors to choose from.

• Step 3: Add an aromatic fragrance to your personalized candle – Oh the choices! Citrus/Fruits, Floral/Aromatherapy, Nature/Spice, Cuisine

• Step 4: Write a personalized gift message – Your Personal Message will be added to the “certificate of authenticity”

• Step 5: Choose your gift set option


 I was able to review a Deluxe Gift Set. For my candle, I chose the color Bliss (which is a nice Light pink) and the fragrance of Sweet Pea. (I’m a sucker for anything sweet pea scented) When I opened the gift box, everything was placed so neatly in little spaces and the matches were under the Customized Certificate.


Customize Certificate With Name and Message also tells about the candle!


The candle was so beautiful! It smelled heavenly, as soon as I lit it the house was filled with a wonderful scent of sweet pea, probably the best sweet pea candle I’ve ever had! Also this candle has 2 wicks, which means it melts evenly, no more deformed candles half way through the melting process! Also It came with matches! No more searching the house for a lighter or tipping the candle and burning myself to light the candle!


Overall I Love Lumnique! The Ability to be able to customize a candle anyway I want I mean what if I wanted a Brown Floral scented candle doubt I would be able to find that in a store, but thanks to Lumnique you can customize your candle anyway you'd like! Or if you are looking for a Gift/candle for your wife, girlfriend, a teacher, a friend, or anyone but don't want just any candle off the store's shelves, go to Lumnique for a special personalized gift that shows you were truly thinking of the recipient while creating a gift for them!

Getting it as a gift for someone and not sure what they’ll like? Browse Lumnique’s gift ideas! Whether it’s for her, for him,or for wedding gifts, specific holidays, and so much more; you’re bound to find something they’ll like. Or you can always get them a giftcertificate!

CONNECT With Lumnique On These Great Sites

 Facebook – Become a Fan!
Happy Shopping!
Luminque has offered for one of you Lucky Readers to win your very own Luminque Candle Just follow the Rafflecopter below
(this giveaway is only open to US residents)

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

KIDZIES Review & 20% off Code!!

I Am the Mom that Labels Everything…. but it can be quite frustrating trying to stick on or write kids names on every container, cup, bag, etc without ruining the product, but thanks to Kidzies You can have very cute personalized products for your little ones that are not only functional but also extremely adorable!

 Kidzies has a great selection of gifts that can be personalized for kids. Their products are Functional, unique, adorable, and affordable!

I was sent 4 amazing products from Kidzies :


These are so stinking cute!!!

Treasure Bagz! Just wonderful, and a perfect size for my preschooler to hold all her special belongings that must accompanying us everywhere! Also this will be perfect for when she goes to Kindergarten next year; she can turn her treasure bag into an ultra-cute personalized pencil bag! This bag also has a built in clip to make it super easy to keep up with: Just hook it onto whatever!

The Protector Pal , what a great product! My son always complains that the seatbelt hurts him, and we’re in  a constant battle of “stop stretching the seatbelt out it’s not safe that way”s  but not anymore with the Protector Pal  he no longer complains of seatbelt pain and leaves his safety belt right where it’s supposed to be! Also the cool design and His name being on the Protector Pal  is just wonderful he loves having his spot in the car “saved” with his name on it! The Protector Pal  is not only great for car use but can be used on shopping carts to keep small mouths off of the yucky handle, and can be used to personalize a bike (just hook it on the front bar between the handles! I’m sure there are way more uses for this great product too!


The Huggerz, Great way better than those stick on labels that become yucky looking after so many washes, with the Huggerz all I have to do is slip this on whichever drink container she may be using at the time and voila everyone knows who’s cup that is no more cup mix ups between kids and I’ve noticed that my little one likes the Huggerz a lot she loves the pattern and since she’s started recognizing her name she loves seeing it on anything, also when her cup is really cold from ice etc she can hold her cup a lot easier!
Look at this picture (below) to see all the ways that Huggerz can be used:

(we have a few snacks in our Bigger Bagz in this photo and there is tons of room left to hold so much more!)
With the Bigger Bagz, I am so organized!! This bag allows me to pack any and everything we might need for an outing (Snacks, toys, wipes, etc) and it all zips up for easy carrying, also a great feature of the Bigger Bagz is the clip that is attached to the bag, with the clip I can hook this bag on my purse, the stroller (so no more dropping on her things as soon as I hand them to her and then every 5 seconds following, you know the fetch game babies and toddlers like to play with their parents) Also in the car this bag has been great I can put her toys she likes to play with or snacks and clip the bag right to her carseat so no more car drama as soon as her stuff falls.

Overall I was very impressed when I received the items, they were very high quality and very original; no one else will have another item exactly like my child's.  Kidzies carries so many great items for kids and is an excellent place to shop for gifts or just anytime! 
Want to Order your very Own Kidzies Product? Well, I have an awesome 20% off code just for you readers Enter BLOGGERS2013 at checkout to receive 20% off your order from Kidzies!!
Be sure to check out Kidzies on these great sites:
Happy Shopping!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Onesta Hair Care Review and Giveaway!

Onesta Hair Care is a line of hair care products that doesn't use harmful chemicals in their formulas. Onesta wants to provide their users with something gentle but yet effective, and  that will leave your hair healthy and looking good. There are so many unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients in other haircare products these days like dyes, Parabens, and other unpleasant things, but with Onesta You get Quality Hair care with a Natural Product!
I was sent a few products for review;
contains certified organic extracts of Honey, Sage, and White Willow. These moisture-rich extracts are known for their ability to repair and revitalize dry, damaged hair.

nourishes dry, damaged hair with certified organic extracts of Aloe Vera, Nettle, and Thyme. These extracts work together to repair and moisturize dry, damaged hair without weighing it down.
My Experience with these products was great! The Shampoo and conditioner left my hair healthier looking than ever!(Oh and these products smell wonderful!) Before my hair was frizzy, I have way thick long hair, and after the first time using this product I noticed an instant difference, My hair was softer shinier way more manageable and it felt lighter! I didn't even have to style my hair after using these products I literally washed my hair before bed and woke up to good hair and my hair is naturally curly/wavy so usually when I wake up after sleeping on it wet it's a mess, so needless to say I was Very Happy!!

Overall if you are looking for a green alternative without losing quality for your haircare Onesta is a great product that works wonderfully!
Connect with Onesta on these great sites:
Onesta Has offered one of you Lucky Readers a Chance to Win your very own Onesta Product!
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Tuezday Morning Review & Giveaway

I have an UHmazing New (to me) Site to share with you today.......
Tuezday Mornings is a  clothing Boutique with apparel and gifts for Women, infants, girls, and so much more.
I was sent a goodie box filled with several lovely items from Tuezday Mornings
These items are all wonderful for stylish and practical everyday life! I just love the clutch I will defiantly be using it a lot and the picture frame is so cute it will look lovely in our family room!And as soon I saw certain items my immediate thought was  "this would make a perfect gift for            " So I have made a mental note of where to find great gifts for friends and family for upcoming holidays, events, or just because! Think Mother's Day is coming up or Graduation Gifts and so much more!!
Here are a few of my favorite items from Tuezday Mornings, I loved loved loved looking at all there amazing outfits and accessories! The Whole time I was browsing there lovely selection, I was mentally filling my closet with all these wonderful items
Love this dress it looks so nice but yet effortless enough to wear anywhere while still looking cute!

 This Maxi is another one of my favorites, it could be used in so many outfits!
Chevron, Chevron, Chevron, I'm kinda in love!

Wonderful statement necklace could truly pull an whole outfit together and add that extra pop!
 Available in several colors!!
Who doesn't love a great cardigan?! And they have these in so many colors!

Great spring/summer dress LOVE!

 I have a some kind of weakness for adorable clothes for kids.  Just take a look at what they have to offer your kiddos!

Overall My Experience with Tuezday Mornings Was Amazing!! They have excellent customer service, they are so nice and quick to get back to you with any questions! They have wonderful products with a wide variety of products for everyone! Just all around a great site to order from!
Oh and Just so You know Tuezday Mornings is Having a great Sale going on starting this weekend, run don't walk to Tuezday Mornings to scoop up these great deals before they are gone! Here is the direct link to the sale album Here

Do you want to win your own outfit from Tuezday Mornings .?? Well, here's your chance!! Just follow the Rafflecopter below J
This is the outfit up for grabs!!
Excited Huh?! I love this and think my girls need this too!!!
Good Luck and Happy Shopping with Tuezday Mornings!

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Yogi Clothing Review& Giveaway!!

Recently, I had the chance to review some lovely clothing from Yogi Clothing.  If you’ve never heard of Yogi Clothing before, they sell beautiful clothing for yoga and for an active lifestyle, I highly recommend going to their site now and see what you've been missing!
  Besides active wear and outerwear, Yogi Clothing also has dresses, bottoms, tops, and seamless clothing. Plus, make sure to check out their sale page you can find some awesome deals!
I was sent 2 items from Yogi;

 This dress is wonderful, totally in style with the high/low cut, the colors are lovely, the material feels UHmazing! This is a dress that I would wear almost anywhere and be confident in what I was wearing!


Okay wear do I get started on these pants, I feel like there is so much to say about them but don't know where to start, lol, I Honestly am in LOVE with these pants the ultra wide leg is amazing and comfortable even with the wide legs they fit like a glove on the rest of the body, once again the material is so soft and comfy. I just want to go ahead an nominate these pants for best pant award, if that even really exist?!
 Overall I Love Yogi Clothing! I love to have clothing that is comfortable and moves with me, and will keep me cool during the hot weather months while working out or stylish every day wear. And as you can clearly see Yogi Clothing is not your typical frumpy looking active wear, their clothing is beautiful and functional! Yogi, by far is the best company for Active wear that I’ve found thus far!
Yogi Clothing is breathable, comfortable, long-lasting, and stylish clothing that actual makes me want to be more active!
Be sure to check out Yogi on these great sites:
Facebook ** On their FB page they offer various contests, healthy food recipes, tips, and motivation.
Now for the   Giveaway Yogi Clothing Has offered to give one of you readers your very own Yogi Clothing High-Low Stripe Wash Dress, Excited right?!?!  Just follow the Rafflecopter below!!
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thredup winner!!

and the winner is........ a Rafflecopter giveaway
If you didn't win no worries GO HERE and get a free $10 credit off your first order!!

Oh and be sure to enter these giveaways that are happening right now!

INKtastic $25 credit to create a custom item
Banded Headband
Mohawk home & Vinyl Disorder Mini room makeover giveaway

Inktastic Review and Giveaway!!

INKtastic is a great site where you can design apparel for any occasion; Schools, Events, Groups, just for fun, sporting events, the sky is the limit!

I was given the Chance to Design A Shirt of my choice and ended up Designing a Football shirt for myself to wear, finding cute girly football shirts is always hard so it was so fun creating one!
Here is the shirt:


First off let's go over the ease of use of the Website. It was so easy everything is broken down into Categories and there are so many options to create a Shirt that is perfect for your needs! I chose a Women's Tee then got to the best part, the Designing! Like I mentioned before there are options like crazy, fonts, sizes, colors, Clipart (they have tons to choose from which is broken down into neatly organized categories or you can upload your own for a totally customized piece!) Then you can Add word/pictures on the back (names numbers sayings whatever you want). I literally had so much fun Designing this Shirt!

How's the Quality of the Product?

Well it's just wonderful, it shipped very quickly and when I wore it I had several people stop and ask me "Where did you get that shirt?". The colors are amazingly vibrant and the printing on the shirt is done wonderfully! 

Overall if you are looking for a great site, with many options, high quality, and GREAT customer service then INKtastic is your place to go for all your Custom Shirt Needs! I know I've just been talking about their Custom Shirts, but At INKtastic They have so many items to customize, baby clothes and accessories, toddler clothes, women's, men's, juniors, dogs/pets, vinyl decals, banners, gifts, phone accessories, stickers, they even have customizable underwear.... so pretty much anything that you would want to customize they have it!!
Now For the Giveaway INKtastic has offered for one of you lucky readers to win a $25 credit to create your own custom product!!! Think Pinterest, all those awesome shirts you see but have no idea where to find them..... CREATE your very own with INKtastic!!

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