Friday, August 31, 2012

DPCTED Apparel Review!

Dpcted Apparel is a St Louis based T-shirt company who specializes in Awesome Shirts!  I'm always on the Hunt for great new shirts and was happy to discover Dpcted Apparel!

I was sent their  red "I would Cuddle You So Hard" Shirt in a size Medium for Review



All shirts are available in sizes S-5XL. Shirts are printed on 100% cotton contemporary t-shirt that is slim fitting, but not too slim.

My Thoughts on this Shirt, well its pretty awesome! I love the fit, not too tight but not baggy and loose, the feel of the shirt is great and I love the design! I wore this shirt just to the grocery store yesterday and literally was stopped about 7 times by people commenting or asking where the shirt came from! My only negative thought on the Shirt would be that Grocery Shopping took way longer than normal lol , but Other than that the shirt is great!!
Here are a few other Fantastic Shirts From Dpcted Apparel

They have so so Many More Shirts available go HERE to check out all of the Shirts
All of Dpcted Apparel's Shirts are Available in Red or Black!
Overall these shirts are Great !!! I already know a few others that I need to order for myself and friends/family!
Connect with Dpcted Apparel on these great sites:
Thank you Dpcted Apparel !!!

* I was sent the product solely for review purposes and in no way was my opinion swayed *

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Fortunate Home Review!

I Recently Discovered a Great Etsy & Artfire Shop filled with handcrafted decor to set a beautiful table! THE FORTUNATE HOME, is filled with Fabulous hand stamped placemats, napkins and matching napkin rings, hand stamped paper cocktail napkins, place cards, menu cards, and so more!

I was sent two wonderful sets of their hand stamped cocktailnapkins





These Napkins are just so wonderful and a great way to add a personal touch to any event that you may be planning! I plan on using these at my children's "Bug Birthday Party" Later on this year and I just know that they will look wonderful and help me decorate to the theme of the party!
Here are a few more of THE FORTUNATE HOME's Cocktail Napkins
Perfect for Halloween!!

Don't worry if these aren't your team colors just send her a message and Get these Napkins Customized for your team! 

Aren't they great and there are so many more designs for almost any occassion that you could think of! And remember they can be customized if you need different color combos!
Here are a few more great products from THE FORTUNATE HOME
I want these for my Kitchen!!!!
Perfect for Christmas!
I LOVE these too!

These would be delightful for Halloween Place settings!
Okay I could show you endless amounts of Amazing Creations from THE FORTUNATE HOME All Day! I just love all the products and wish I had them in my home!
Want to get something great for youself or some lucky someone
you can shop/visit THE FORTUNATE HOME on these great sites:
And Please be sure to tell her that I sent you!!

Sophias Style Winner!!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mouth Man Review & Giveaway!

Why wear any old hoodie when you can wear a Mouth Man Hoodie that comes to life! Well, not exactly but give yourself a hug and have a MouthMan animated moment!! Mouth Man hoodies make wearing clothes fun for both children and adults. Mouth Man hoodies come to life by simply crossing your arms to form a mouth, you hug yourself :), and chop your arms up and down  to make the animal on your hoodie come to life, thanks to the animated graphics on the arms. You can make a dinosaur roar, a Sock Monkey Smile or even a Cobra hiss with this unique animated design. Mouth Man was founded by Ross Valory, Original Member and Founder of the rock band Journey. Ross is Journey's noted bass player and along with Neal Schon, is the only original member of the band still performing with the group, how cool is that an awesome hoodie created by an awesome musician!!

Mouth Man Hoodies are:

·         Patented, custom designed and printed in full color with detailed graphics

·         Printed with eco-friendly inks on recycled fabric from plastic bottles

·         100% polyester sport fabric

·         Made in the USA!!!

·         The Fabric is UPF 50 so creates a great sunshield for kids at the pool or outdoor activities

·         Moisture wicking fabric

I was sent the Child Raptor Hoodie Shirt, for my son!

He just Loves this Hoodie and has so much fun making his Raptor come to life!! The first day that he tried it out he ran through the house trying to “chomp up” his sisters with his dinosaur. The top reasons I love Mouth Man, the light weight protective fabric, the great graphics, it’s made in America, and it’s a piece of clothing that my child actually loves wearing so no fighting with this hoodie!!

Here are a few other Mouth Man Hoodies available:


Aren’t they all so wonderful and Fun looking! These would be great for any child or adult and would make wonderful gifts!!!

Connect with Mouth Man on these great sites:

·         Facebook

·         Twitter

·         Their Blog

·         Their Website

Want to Win a Mouth Man Hoodie of your choice (Adults or child’s) just enter the Rafflecopter below!

Can’t wait to win it go HERE to Buy a Mouth Man Hoodie of your very own!!


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Thank You Mouth Man!!

Valentina Shoes winner!!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adam Block Design, Custom Sorority Apparel Review!

Ok so I recently discovered an grand site, ADAM BLOCK DESIGN! They specialize in custom Sorority Apparel and can customize any kind of Awesomeness that you may need!!!

Adam Block Design is a site dedicated to total custom Sorority Apparel, if you can vision it they will Make it and Ship it to your door!!! Any Brand, Any Color, Any Style and Any Design; Screen-printing, Embroidery, Stitched Lettering, Foils, Stones you name it they Have it!!! It’s Truly Total Custom Sorority Apparel. Oh And they have an awesome gallery full of items that can be customized however you’d like, or of course they'll happily create a new design from scratch if that’s what your heart desires.
If you’re looking for unique, then Adam Block Design is definitely your place to go!!!
I was sent a huge box of product to review here are some photos

These Items are great the shirts, backpacks bags, jerseys jackets and etc. are Very high quality and the Printing on the items is Amazingly done, they definitely are wonderful! Adam Block Design is nothing short of superior quality, and delightful customer service! If you have a question or an idea just message them and they are more than happy to help!
 Here are just a FEW items from their Gallery!


Aren't they all so Great!!! and those are just a Few they have so so so many more in their GALLERY!
Overall I highly recommend Adam Block Design for all your Sorority apparel needs! The quality and detail of their products are impeccable!
Connect with Adam Block Design on these great sites:
·         Their Website HERE
·         Facebook
·         Tumblr
·         Twitter
*I received these products for review purposes only and my opinion in no was was swayed in any way*

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to school Ideas!

So my oldest starts school next week and I have found so many great Ideas of things to do/make for back to school just thought I would share a few with you!

There was no link to this I found it on Pinterest if it's yours please let me know so I can Link to you!

The Homework Caddy It's honestly great organization!

This has to be the easiest teacher present ever! A dollar store frame a piece of notebook paper and dry erase marker and you have created something awesome!!!

I was bummed when I found out that we can't send homemade treats to school for birthday or parties, I'm not one who is happy just buying something so I'm glad I found these!!

Teacher Gifts  follow the link the site has so many great teacher ideas!


Yes I plan on being on of "those" moms doing parties and everything like that!
And I have been busying "pinning" several more Back to School ideas if you would like to see HERE is my back to school Pinterest Board!
Do you have any helpful tips for back to school for us rookie moms! (this is our first child in school!)