Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reuse it Reusable Water Bottles Review!

I love Eco-friendly products and my children are very earth friendly, which I'm so proud of!! And One of the easiest ways to help eliminate waste and be more "green" is something as simple as using  Reusable Water Bottles!!!

Think of all those plastic disposable water bottles or juice box containers filling up your trash, something as simple as changing to a Reusable Water Bottle could not only help you be more green, but also just imagine the money you would save!! Especially with school starting soon I know I will be Using a Reusable Water Bottle in my son's School Lunches to help cut back on waste and expense!

This is the Reusable Water Bottle that my son will be using for school, isn't it cute and it will match his Bento Box! I'm so excited to pack his snacks and lunches in Reusable products we will literally be using no sandwich bags and no throw away bottles!!

A little about the Reusable Water Bottle that we will be using this year, its CamelBak's 12-ounce eddy Kids bottles and they are among the best reusable kids water bottles available. Virtually spill-proof, they come in fun colors and designs that your little ones will love. Made of 100% BPA-free Tritan.

Now school hasn't started for us yet but I had to try out the spill proof factor of this bottle before sending it to school with my little guy, and this Reusabe Water Bottle is truly spill proof!! We took our children to their first amusement park this past weekend and I thought that would be the perfect chance to test out this product, and it didn't spill at all! My son left it upside down in the bottom of the diaper bag, which normally would've been a disaster, but not one drop leaked out, so I know it will be a great Reusable Water Bottle to send with my little guy to school and I wont have to worry about leaks and soggy ruined lunches!!

Here are a few of my Favorite Reusable Water Bottles:

You can Find all these Reusable Water Bottles and MANY more HERE!!

How do you cut back on waste and/or cost when packing school lunches?

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