Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oksanika Matryoshka Dolls Review!

I Love Matryoshkas!!

So when I found Oksanika's Shop on ArtFire I was so thrilled to find so many choices in authentic handmade Matryoshka Plush Dolls, from Russia I must add! (She also Has an ETSY)

About the owner/creator of  Oksanika's, She lives in Pyatigorsk, Russia and was a teacher at a University, but now is a staying at home with her younger daughter. Once becoming a stay at home mom she had some free time, and started making soft cloth dolls and matryoshkas.

I was sent a beautiful set of Soft Matryoshkas (pictured below):

A little about the set of Soft Matryoshka Dolls
"Matryoshka is a Russian folk toy that has found its way to the hearts of people all over the world. Unlike traditional matrioshkas, these dolls are not made of wood but of bright cotton cloth. It makes them perfect toys even for small children. The set will be a unique gift to any member of family or to a family as a unit. These Matryoshkas are made of bright cotton fabric and decorated with ribbons, lace, braids. Their faces are painted by hand with acrylic paint. Size 14, 11, 8 cm."

My thoughts on the Dolls, Well they are beyond wonderful! I just love them and my youngest daughter has become very attached to these Matryoshka Dolls. She has decided that she must carry them everywhere and put them to bed with her. It's so cute seeing her walk around calling them baby giving them kisses all the time! I just love that they are actually handmade and from Russia, since that's where Matyoshkas originated from!

My girls were lining them up in size order

Counting them

I have no idea why this picture is sideways I uploaded it 5 different times
Kissing them at Naptime!

This set of Soft Matryoshka Dolls is a perfect classic toy for your little ones and their imaginations, no loud noises like most toy made these days, just a classic wonderfully handmade toy that would create endless memories! And I also know several adults who would love a set for themselves for collecting/decorating purposes!

Here are a few other items from Oksanika's

A Collectable Angel Doll: A Green Guardian Angel

Now aren't all of those dolls just so sweet and wonderful?! I think they are great and I bet you know a few girls who would love to have one of their own! And remember they are authentically made in Russia by a Stay at Home mom, who started the shop as a hobby trying to generate some income for her family! 

If you want to get to shopping Oksanika's has 2 location online where you can purchase one of her great handmade items for yourself or a loved one!


Please be sure to tell her I sent you, and even if you can't purchase anything today go Favorite an item or Pin an item to pinterest, let's try to spread the word about this wonderful shop!!

Thank you Oksanika!!

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