Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reuse it Bento Boxes Review!

I've been seeing these wonderful looking lunches for kids made in Bento Boxes all over Pinterest.

If these are your image please let me know so I can link back to you!

Now my oldest child is starting kindergarten in just a few short weeks (tear) and I want to send my little monster to school with an awesome lunch!!! So of course I've been searching for the best Bento Boxes available!!

And I found it!!

So cute! (little fingers in the photo, they were so excited)
& these Bento Boxes come in 5 different colors!

This Bento Box is the King of all Bento Boxes, it includes 2 larger inner containers, 2 smaller inner containers and a dip container perfect for packing a wholesome healthy lunch, and not to mention it's much more economical for helping parents pack low-waste meals.

I already tried my hand at packing this bento box and while mine my not be a work of "lunch-time art" it packs so easily and everything stays in place wonderfully! (maybe once I get better at my bento skills I'll post some photos or how-to's on bento boxes!)

Now I highly encourage Bento Boxes for all your lunch packing needs!

This Bento Box is so great in so many ways here are just a few ways!
  • Creative & economical system for helping parents pack wholesome, low-waste meals
  • A fun, sustainable alternative to wasteful, single-use containers - saves you money
  • Ideal for school lunches and for packing a healthy meal during travel
  • Includes large outer container and five microwave safe food containers
  • BPA-free, also free of phthalates and lead
  • Made in the USA

(Once again another MADE in the USA product I'm on a roll with these :))

Be sure to go Browse Reuseit's wide selection of Bento Boxes HERE
If you want to get the Amazing Laptop Lunch Bento Box 2.0!!! that I reviewed then just follow the link!

Thank you reuseit for creating my new love/hobby of Bento Boxes!!!

Do you have any lunch making tips for back to school?

*this product was received solely for review purposes and in now wasy was my opinion swayed in anyway*


Sue Bunting said... Sue Bunting love these they are awesome!

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