Monday, August 6, 2012

Darcee's Hope Lunch Grams Review!

It's almost Back to School time, which is a bittersweet moment for parents and children!

I'm sending off my oldest child to Kindergarten in just a few short weeks, and while I'm happy that he's growing and experiencing new things I also hate it! I'm losing my baby, I've spent everyday with him for the past 5 1/2 years and now he's going off to school and I know that there will be no turning back from there!!

So, of course I've been trying to think of ways to still stay in touch or at least let him know that I'm thinking about him while he is at school, and when I discovered Darcee's Hope and her Lunch Grams I knew that they would be a perfect addition to our items for school!

Lunch Grams are these cute little note cards that you can leave in your child's lunch to brighten their day or just to let them know you are thinking about them! They would be perfect for older kids too, if you knew they were having a test or a tryout or anything it's amazing how such a simple gesture could brighten their day and give them confidence in whatever it is that they are doing!!

I can remember my mom leaving us just simple sweet notes in our lunchboxes growing up and her notes just always made my day so I hope to do the same for my children!

Darcee's Hope is a great site that offers a variety of products here are just a few!

Darcee's Hope has just a little bit of everything, so be sure to go check it out !!

Thank you Darcee's Hope!

*I was sent this product for review purposes only and my opinions in no way were swayed*

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