Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Homework Caddy Review!

School starts next week for us, so we have had a very busy past few days with teachers meetings and PAPERS, who knew kids needed that many papers/forms for school, this is our first year in school my son starts kindergarten just next week and my daughter will also be in preschool! I will admit I was quite overwhelmed with all the forms and papers I’ve been given to keep/bring back to school and then not to mention just all the special days and etc. they already have and I like organization (I’m one of those people with a calendar, that I write everything on, on every level of my house and one in my purse & papers everywhere just really bother me lol) so I needed a little help with our new school organization to keep me sane and our Homework Caddy came at perfect timing, the day of the back to school night where I was loaded down with  10 lbs of papers that I’m currently working on reading through and filling out, it seems endless!!!

We were sent the Bright homework Caddy



The Homework Caddy is amazing, let me say that again AMAZING!!! Here are a few photos to show off it’s greatness,

I already have the calendar filled out and papers in slots!!


First off The Homework Caddy is so easy to set up and is so organized I just love it!!! Setup like I said it so simple, it includes 2 removable hooks (the kinds with the sticky backs), and all you do is place the hooks and hang the Homework Caddy, how simple right?!! I hung ours on the back of a door right by where we will be hanging backpacks, easy to place or grab and go with papers and to fill out the calendar!

Also The homework caddy has a calendar and four areas to hold important papers/forms, or homework for mom to look over, a place for the school menu, or maybe a schedule, a tiny pocket to hold the dry erase marker, which is included, for the calendar, other pockets that are bigger for pens (for mom & dad to sign papers) or pencils for the kiddos to do their homework. The Homework Caddy seems to have everything a special place and can all be hung behind a door or on a wall!

·         Is  $25.99 plus shipping and handling and can be ordered on their website HERE

·         it comes in one of four different styles (Bright, Pastel, Sports, & Zebra&Fuchsia)

·         Includes with 1 Dry Erase Board & Calendar Combo, 1 small Dry Erase Marker, and 2 Stick-On Hooks to Hang It.

·         Also it has 2 nifty Velcro straps at the bottom of the caddy to hold larger “poster” size projects!!

Here are the other styles available!


And a little Video about it

My overall thoughts of the Homework Caddy, it’s going to save my sanity with my need to stay organized! I will know exactly where everything is and I have 4 pockets for my kids (I’ve labels them 2 each for the kiddos one for take home one for bring back items) Also it hangs wonderful on the back of our door and I have a large dry erase board/dry erase calendar to jot down any and everything I need to remember!! I honestly think the Homework Caddy should be handed out with all those papers to parents that are new to the “school thing", it would help out A LOT!

Want to get a Homework Caddy of your very own go HERE!


Do you have any back to school organizational tips?

* I received this product solely for review purposes and my opinions in no way were swayed in any way!*

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