Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vinyl Disorder Review

If you are a regular reader of the blog you know I love decorating our home with Vinyl, so when I got the chance to do a review for Vinyl Disorder I was pretty happy to say the least!

Vinyl Disorder is a great site that sells Custom & premade Vinyl pieces for just about anything!

I chose their Home is where the heart is Family and Friends Vinyl Wall Decal to put on the wall going up our stairs. (if that made any sense the wall right on the stairs or whatever lol)

First off it arrived really quickly and it was sent in a hard cardboard tube (no chances of getting smushed and damaged)

It even came with this neat little squeegee to apply it with, usually I'm scouring the house for a flat object to use so it is perfect that they include it!

Installation was so simple just 6 easy steps:
  1. Preparation
  2. Position Your Letters
  3. Remove Backing
  4. Apply to Surface
  5. Peel Off Transfer Tape
  6. DONE!
Now each piece of Vinyl comes with a set of more detailed instructions for each step, but it's so simple!

Here it is in the process of putting it up

And after  I love it and I'm thinking about moving my star and diy-ing a project under it
 (cut out the states on a map of "home" or "where my heart is" and placing a heart on the town then framing the cut out state so I can always have a piece of home in my current house, now just to find a map lol)

Don't you just love the difference the Vinyl Makes, my wall was pretty dull and blah before and now it's pretty amazing if you ask me!! And the Great thing is you can use Vinyl Disorder's products on almost anything from your car to your home and they have such a wide variety of premade and of course they do CUSTOMS! Oh and I haven't even mentioned the price yet, Vinyl Disorder's prices are AMAZING!!

Want to get busy shopping at Vinyl Disorder here are just a few of their great categories!

Those are just a few of their categories so be sure to go to and check out their great selection!

Go check out Vinyl Disorder on Facebook and Twitter!!

Thank you Vinyl Disorder!!

*I received this product solely for review purposes and in no way were my thoughts or opinions swayed*

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