Monday, August 13, 2012

Siena Candles Review!!

I recently came across a new (to me) candle company that I am delighted with!

I found Siena Candles through ArtFire and they are simply amazing.

Siena Candles now is in their 18th year of making candles; Siena literally had its beginnings as a garage business. Siena Candles Creator was able to bring together three areas of interest that gave birth to their own vision of candle making. The first was a love of the designs of the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts periods that used nature themes for inspiration. The second was knowledge of mold making, and the third was her brother’s hobby of wood carving. He was able to carve the original designs out of wood, where they could make their own molds from the carvings, and make their own candles from the molds.

Their business has not changed dramatically from those humble beginnings. Of course, they soon had to move out of their parent's garage. They still make their candles in the same method....everything is done by hand. They mainly kept their business small throughout the years and they are just now expanding into retail. 

And In these times of outsourcing manufacturing to foreign countries, They are proud to say their products are entirely made by hand in the U.S.A. (I just love products made “at home” in the USA)

I received 4 wonderful candles to review from Siena Candles

·         Apple Perfumed Fruit

·         Bee Dance Candle (Mint & Rosemary scent)

·         Asparagus Fennel & Lemon Scented Candle

Look how beautifully packaged they are!!!

First off the Bee Skep Beeswax Pure & Natural Beeswax Candle, their pure natural beeswax candles are packaged in a 3"x3" recycled kraft boxes and have a pewter bee charm attached to the wick.Candle weight is 5.5 oz. Beeswax candles have been the candles of choice throughout the ages because of their sweet fragrance and exceptional burning qualities.

 The Green Apple Perfumed Candle is scented with a custom perfume fragrance and packaged in a 3"x3" white gift box tied with a gold ribbon. Candle weight is 6.5oz.
I think these would be perfect for teacher's gifts a little change to the classic apple!

 The Asparagus Fennel & Lemon Scented Candle is a kitchen candle made with essential oils to combat cooking, and it works amazingly! I steam cauliflower and Broccoli at least once a week and while it may be wonderful food, it sure does stink up the house so I tested this Candle out while cooking and there was no stinky smell so this candle is a winner!! (now this candle isn't listed on ArtFire yet but I'm sure if you just message them you could order it)

at little more detailed photo (the color of the candle is brighter my camera isnt working right) but it looks just like Asparagus!

Bee Dance Candle (Mint & Rosemary scent) This candle is just beautiful with the details and bee charm, you can find it here on their facebook page!/photo.php?fbid=153534444703854&set=a.153532084704090.31063.153519051372060&type=3&theater

The scents are simply amazing with a strong, but not overpowering aroma. And they have simply beautiful totally unique designs; I have never seen candles so beautifully made! 

Siena Candles also has a great selection of other delectable candles including these:

Connect with Siena Candles on these great sites

·         ArtFire

·         Facebook

·         Their Website

 Overall Siena Candles are wonderful beautiful creations and the scents and are just lovely! I know these will make wonderful gifts that anyone would be thrilled to have in their home! Be sure to check out Siena Candles and tell them I sent you!

Thank you Siena Candles!!!

*I received this product(s) strictly for review purposes and in no way was my opinion or thoughts swayed in anyway*

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Priscilla Benavides said...

I love candles! These candles are beautiful I love the Pure Beeswax Forest Candles.