Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vinyl Disorder Family Kit Review!

I did a review on a great Vinyl Site, Vinyl Disorder, about a week ago, just in case you missed it HERE it is.

In my first review I was sent one of their great Premade Wall Decals

and this week I'm Lucky once again to share with you Vinyl Disorder's Awesome Family Kits!

First off they have such a wide variety of Family Kits, so it was really hard to chose which one I wanted for our car! But I eventually decided on their Amazing Starwars Family Decal Set 

Never Fear if Starwars isn't your cup of tea Vinyl Disorder Has a HUGE selection of other Family Kits! ( I just had to let my inner nerd shine)

Here are the photos of  me applying the decal to our car

Super easy Just start with a clean surface, then pretty much peel and Stick and then peel off the top layer and Voila you are Done and left with a Snazzy new Decal on your car!

Like I said if you don't want the force to be with you while driving, Vinyl Disorder has A Lot  more Decals to chose from, here are just a few:

Had to show just one more Starwars one lol

Aren't those all so neat, not your typical family Decals, but if you are looking for the "Stick Figure" Family Decals they have TONS of those to chose from too just go HERE.

And  if you want to find out more about Vinyl Disorder's Great selection of premade and Custom Decals (wall quotes, room kits, Family Kits, and etc) Go check out my previous post HERE or just go to !!

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