Sunday, March 24, 2013

KIDZIES Review & 20% off Code!!

I Am the Mom that Labels Everything…. but it can be quite frustrating trying to stick on or write kids names on every container, cup, bag, etc without ruining the product, but thanks to Kidzies You can have very cute personalized products for your little ones that are not only functional but also extremely adorable!

 Kidzies has a great selection of gifts that can be personalized for kids. Their products are Functional, unique, adorable, and affordable!

I was sent 4 amazing products from Kidzies :


These are so stinking cute!!!

Treasure Bagz! Just wonderful, and a perfect size for my preschooler to hold all her special belongings that must accompanying us everywhere! Also this will be perfect for when she goes to Kindergarten next year; she can turn her treasure bag into an ultra-cute personalized pencil bag! This bag also has a built in clip to make it super easy to keep up with: Just hook it onto whatever!

The Protector Pal , what a great product! My son always complains that the seatbelt hurts him, and we’re in  a constant battle of “stop stretching the seatbelt out it’s not safe that way”s  but not anymore with the Protector Pal  he no longer complains of seatbelt pain and leaves his safety belt right where it’s supposed to be! Also the cool design and His name being on the Protector Pal  is just wonderful he loves having his spot in the car “saved” with his name on it! The Protector Pal  is not only great for car use but can be used on shopping carts to keep small mouths off of the yucky handle, and can be used to personalize a bike (just hook it on the front bar between the handles! I’m sure there are way more uses for this great product too!


The Huggerz, Great way better than those stick on labels that become yucky looking after so many washes, with the Huggerz all I have to do is slip this on whichever drink container she may be using at the time and voila everyone knows who’s cup that is no more cup mix ups between kids and I’ve noticed that my little one likes the Huggerz a lot she loves the pattern and since she’s started recognizing her name she loves seeing it on anything, also when her cup is really cold from ice etc she can hold her cup a lot easier!
Look at this picture (below) to see all the ways that Huggerz can be used:

(we have a few snacks in our Bigger Bagz in this photo and there is tons of room left to hold so much more!)
With the Bigger Bagz, I am so organized!! This bag allows me to pack any and everything we might need for an outing (Snacks, toys, wipes, etc) and it all zips up for easy carrying, also a great feature of the Bigger Bagz is the clip that is attached to the bag, with the clip I can hook this bag on my purse, the stroller (so no more dropping on her things as soon as I hand them to her and then every 5 seconds following, you know the fetch game babies and toddlers like to play with their parents) Also in the car this bag has been great I can put her toys she likes to play with or snacks and clip the bag right to her carseat so no more car drama as soon as her stuff falls.

Overall I was very impressed when I received the items, they were very high quality and very original; no one else will have another item exactly like my child's.  Kidzies carries so many great items for kids and is an excellent place to shop for gifts or just anytime! 
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