Saturday, September 22, 2012




Ok with it being the first official day of Fall and All I thought I would Share my Ideal Fall Bucket list


·         Go on a hike

·         Picnic At the Park

·         Make the some Treats and Take them to a neighbor or Friend

·         Make Soup or Chili

·         Bake an apple pie

·         Hay Ride!

·         Visit a Haunted House (if you children are old enough)

·         Decide on what to be for Halloween and Purchase or start making the Costumes! ( I love making my chidren's Costumes!)

·         Go to a  football game (even if it’s just a local High School)

·         Make bird feeders

·         Watch Hocus Pocus

·         Drive around and Look at others' Halloween/Fall Decor

·         Take a Drive to see all the Colors of Fall

·         Make a thankful tree (found an Idea HERE)

·         Go on a fall nature walks

·         Celebrate Oktoberfest (Adults only lol)

·         Make hand print turkeys

·         Visit a corn maze

·         Visit an apple orchard

·         Make New Pumpkin Recipes that you’ve never tried before

·         Make a "ghostly" pizza (idea HERE)

·         Have a family movie nights

·         Make pumpkin bread

·         Play in the leaves

·         Watch “It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

·         Force kids to watch Casper and all other Halloween movies from my childhood

·         Make a fall hand print wreath (Idea HERE)

·         Shop at the Farmers Market

·         Pick our pumpkins from the Garden

·         Carve a pumpkins

·         Go on a leaf hunt

·         Paint a pumpkin

·         Roast pumpkin seeds

·         Make caramel apples or better yet Slices HERE

·         Make googly-eye spiders

·         Actually Plan Thanksgiving dinner at least a week before (no running to the store the day before) Here are some side dish ideas

·         Go on a backyard scavenger hunt

·         Decorate your home for Fall/Halloween (we start Oct. 1st)

·         Hot Cocoa on the trampoline while star gazing

·         Have a Halloween party (Ideas HERE, HERE and HERE)

·         Pumpkin Latte (Recipe HERE)

·         Fill my house with Pumpkin Scented Everything!

·         Make Pecan Pie

·         Make Rubbings of Leaves (where you rub the crayon on paper on top of the leaves!)

·         Make a Scarecrow

·         Go on to the park/playground as much as possible before it’s buried in snow!

·         Make fall leaf collage

·         Go to a Pumpkin Patch

·         Play Backyard Football

·         Take Pictures for our Christmas Cards

·         Make a list of what you are thankful for( I like to make a chain out of them to decorate for Thanksgiving dinner)

·         Make sweet potato pie

·         Make pumpkin pie (yes a lot of pie!)

·         Send Halloween Cards

·         Make Smores

·         Wine (enough said)

·         Trick or Treat

·         Try to convince my Children to Dress like Pilgrims and Indians for Thanksgiving Dinner (yeah reminds me of Elementary school days plays lol)

Oh and to help you with your Halloween Crafts HERE is a Link to 31 FREE Halloween Printables!

Okay that’s what I’ve got So Far and NO there is probably a high chance that I will NOT do EVERYTHING on this list it’s just a mental note of what I would like to do if I was super lady/mom lol

What is on your Fall Bucket List I love discovering new ideas!!

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