Sunday, September 30, 2012

Niteo Review

I have the pleasure to share with you guys a great site that I recently discovered, Niteo, Where Elegance meets Modern Fashion! There catch phrase/slogan describes their site perfectly, Niteo is a Site that carries Women's and Girls apparel (coming soon organic Baby items!) and their items are simply elegant and modern which is a perfect combination!

I was sent 3 items from Niteo to review, two dresses for my girls and then one for myself!

photo from Niteo's site
photo from Niteo's site


First off the site is wonderful and easy to navigate! Second they arrived very quickly from the time the order was placed, I was shocked by how fast they arrived! And then the quality is GREAT! All three of these dresses are just wonderful!

Shrug Girls Dress in Purple
I let my oldest daughter pick her own dress off the site and this one was the winner, as soon as she saw it she had to have it! When it arrived I showed her and she was in love "it looks like Rapunzel's dress from Tangled mama!" Then she tried it on and immediately began to twirl around singing the Tangled Magic hair song (if you've watched tangled then you know what I'm talking about) I always ask her what she thinks about any product that I'm reviewing for her, she is my 100% honest child who will tell you what she thinks no matter what, I think the saying "the truth hurts" was made for her because she is so honest no matter what which is good and bad lol, so I know she will always give me her honest opinion on products and this one Got her seal of approval her exact words "it's beautiful, I'm a princess, and it's NOT scratchy" So this is a win for her and I'm pretty fond of it myself!

Sleeveless Purple Polka Dot Dress
This dress I picked for my youngest daughter, and I did pick it to coordinate my older daughter's pick, both are purple but not totally matching (which I like matching don't get me wrong but I like them to favor without being identical too)! This dress is so cute great pattern and vibrant colors I love the button up sleeveless style and it's lightweight and just an all around great dress for a little girl! As soon as I tried the dress on my little one she ran to the mirror and checked herself out and then ran to play with her older sister (the one dancing singing because her dress turned her into Rapunzel) So since my youngest is typically a streaker (I can't get that girl to keep clothes on) her actually keeping this dress on was a great sign that I think she truly likes it!

And Finally the dress I picked for myself. I use to wear nothing but dresses I mean seriously I knew people for years who thought that I didn't own pants, I love dresses and literally about a month ago I was going through my closet and noticed that I had NO nice dresses to wear, I mean what if we actually had a date night or a special event to go to I would've been totally under dressed, which is never acceptable :) ! So needless to say I was thrilled when I found out that I would be reviewing NITEO'S Colorblock Sheath Dress, this dress is GORGEOUS, I mean wonderful, it's very classy and a great dress that can be dressed up for a formal event or dressed down for a more casual outing! I truly love this dress the colorblock design is slimming, which is always a plus, and the details are wonderful, I mean Just look at the sleeves all fluttery and they have Rhinestones, ok I'm a sucker for a good rhinestone! But seriously this dress is stunning and I feel total confidence when wearing it! I can't wait to wear it to one of our fall outings, the orange color is wonderful!
Here are a few of Our Picture's of the Dresses!
her hair was wet she just got out of the bath so before I did it!

My dress, although i know it looks way better on the model I Just love this dress!
Overall Niteo is a great company to find amazing clothing for Women and Children! I love that their clothing contains timeless style while still being in touch with modern trends, and even more so I love that Niteo's Girl's clothing is actually styled appropriate for a Child, sweet cute and innocent clothing for little girls no teenage clothing for toddlers which is so hard to find these days! I encourage you all to go check out Niteo and I'm sure you will find something you will like if not Love!
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I was sent these products for review purposes and in no way was my opinion swayed in anyway!

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