Monday, September 24, 2012

Design a Shirt Custom Shirts Review

Design A Shirt is a great site where you can, well, Design a Shirt for anything, Schools, Events, Groups, the sky is the limit!
I was given the Chance to Design A Shirt of my choice and ended up Deigning a School Shirt for My son, who just started Kindergarten!
Here is the Preview of My Shirt!
First off let's go over the ease of use of the Website. It was so easy everything is broken down into Categories and there are so many options to create a Shirt that is perfect for your needs! I chose a Children's Tee then got to the best part. the Designing! Like I mentioned before there are options like crazy, fonts, Placement of Words, Shape of Words, Clip art (they have tons to choose from which is broken down into neatly organized categories or you can upload your own for a totally customized piece!) Then you can Add word/pictures on the back (names numbers sayings whatever you want). I literally had so much fun Designing this Shirt!
How's the Quality of the Product?
Well it's just wonderful, it shipped very quickly and when my son wore it to school, as soon as we walked up to the school we got so many compliments, "where did you get that shirt?" and "That is so Neat!" And my son loved it he says it's very comfy and "cool" which it is the shirt is so soft and the color is Very Vibrant and I will have to agree with him on the Cool Factor, it is very "Cool"!
Overall if you are looking for a great site, with many options, high quality, and GREAT customer service then Design A Shirt is your place to go for all your Custom Shirt Needs! I know I've just been talking about their Custom Shirts, but At Design A Shirt They also have pants, hoodies, jersey dresses, and every style shirt that you could possibly think of!
Here are Photos of our shirt after being washed and dried 2 times and woren once (wash before wear, wore it to school, then washed again)
ok I'm  guilty of leaving clothes in the dryer longer than I should (hints why its wrinkled) and it's way overcast here so the picture quality isn't great, but the point is even with it being dark in the middle of the day and my lack of June Cleaver-ness by leaving clothes in the dryer the shirt is still Awesome! The washing and drying did not effect it in anyway so overall Great!!
Connect with Design a Shirt on These great Sites:
*I was sent this product for review purposes and my thoughts and opinions in no way were swayed in anyway!*


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