Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nomadic State of Mind Sandals Review

I was Recently Sent 2 Pairs of Nomadic State of Mind Sandals for review, Womens JC Sandal, Camel  and Children's Kids JC, Camel, and My Feet are Happy Now!

Women's JC Sandal, Camel

Children's Kids JC, Camel
First off I LOVE Rope Sandals I have a pair that I've had since I was 15 (and I still wore them) that are beat up woren out, so I was so Excited to get the JC Sandal, Camel! My old woren out pair are not Nomadic State of Mind Sandals ( I honestly dont know what brand they are) ,and I wasnt expecting a Huge difference when I tried the Nomadic State of Mind Sandals out, but I was Wrong the Nomadic State of Mind Sandals are SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE, and just overall better quality! I think I've officially retired my "teenage years" shoes for these new and by far improved Sandals!
Then the Children's Kids JC, Camel Sandals are perfect for my kiddos little feet, they love wearing them and infact have decided to use them for school shoes (their school requires soft soled shoes for in the classroom) and these are so comfortable on their little feet!
Nomadic State of Mind offers so much more too here are a Few of My Favorites:


Nomadic State of Mind is a Wonderful Shop with Amazing Products and I highly Reccomend their Sandals to Make your Feet Happy!!
Here is a picture of My Happy Feet!
ok feet arent pretty but the Sandals Are!
Thank you Nomadic State of Mind
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