Friday, September 14, 2012

Sweet Dolls Review!

I just received the absolutely cutest doll ever for my oldest daughter, who will be heading to her first ever day of preschool Monday morning, from Sweet Dolls Etsy Shop!

Sweet Dolls is a great Etsy Shop filled with such wonderfully handmade Dolls, Rattles, and So much more! And if you want a custom item don't hesitate to Contact Sweet Dolls, custom orders are Always Welcome!!

I was sent A Mermaid Doll with Pet JellyFish for my daughter as a gift for starting her first ever year of school !

Look how cute the packaging is!!

This doll went way above and beyond my expectations, I mean I knew they would be adorable from the pictures on the Etsy Shop, but when I actually saw  them in person I was blown away! The colors are so vibrant, the doll has so much detail (the hair is just amazing!) the jellyfish is just so cute and the perfect companion for this lovely mermaid! You can tell so much love and attention to detail went into the creation this doll I mean I can't quite find the words to express how overly happy I am with Sweet Dolls!

And My Daughter is in LOVE!! As soon as we took "Princess Mermaid D" & "Jelly" (that's what she named them) out of the adorable packaging she instantly was attached! This Doll and "Jelly" have traveled everywhere with my daughter (playing outside, bike rides, the park, doctor appointment, every car ride, sleeping, ok you get the point EVERYWHERE) and my daughter is NOT the child who is attached to certain toys or dolls, she in fact is the one who I'm nervous with during holidays and birthdays because she is brutally honest and will tell you if she doesn't like something, so for her to be this into her lovely new doll then I know she truly loves it!!

Here is a listing for a Mermaid Doll that is similar to the one we got

Sweet Dolls Etsy Shop has SO many Cute creations here are just a FEW of my Favorites

(My son Wants these so Bad)
Overall I LOVE Sweet Dolls!!! And if you are looking for an adorable and unique doll for someone in your life then SWEET DOLLS is your place to go, and remember Sweet Dolls makes custom dolls, how cute would it be to have a doll made to look like your daughter, niece, or whoever!
 I honestly can't express how Wonderfully made and What great quality these dolls are !!


Visit SWEET DOLLS on ETSY (be sure to tell them I sent you!!)

*I was sent these products for review purposes and in no way were my opinions and/or thoughts swayed in anyway*


jamie tucker said...

they are so cute and adorable. i would love to have a niece to spoil or someone having a birthday soon as i have boys :(

bettycd said...

Great review - and I agree,they are sweet dolls. It will be hard to choose, but one of these dolls are going on the holiday shopping list for Quinn

Christy Maurer said...

She is so talented! I added this to my favorite shops! I love the snow white doll :) thanks for sharing!!

Sam Stamp said...

These are beyond cute!! she is so talented to create these!!! :D thank you for sharing!!

MaxxRose said...

These are so cute! Much better than Brats or Barbie Dolls!!! Thank you for the Review.