Friday, September 21, 2012

Bits Limited Green Surge Protector Review!

I was Recently Sent a Green Surge Protector, the SCG3, by Bits Limited for review and I love it!

With this great Surge Protector being "Green" is EASY! I'm all for helping the environment in anyway that I possibly can and with the SCG3 it's so so so Easy!

About the SCG3, Green Surge Protector:

The essential workhorse of the Smart Strips. The SCG series was designed to save the user time, energy and money without having to change anything about your current usage habits. The Smart Strip will automatically control the flow of power to peripheral devices based on one devices power draw.
Features powerful surge protection and an award-winning ergonomic design; attention to detail shines through every inch, from the plug shape to the recessed power switch.

With this great Surge Protector It makes saving energy possible with little to no work!

Ok here is a short video that will show you the awesomeness of the Smart strip and explain it way better than I can!

I'm amazed with this Smart Strip and Love the idea of Saving energy and Money by simply changing my surge protector out! and it works like a champ I plugged in our TV, Cable box thing, Modem, DVD player and all that other TV/Internet junk into this Smart Strip, and just like that My family is Saving energy! I love how it will turn off items that are left in sleep or stand-by mode, our TV gets left in Stand-by mode A lot, so it's great knowing that I have the Smart Strip to back me up on Energy Saving when I forget and I also love how you have designated plugs for whichever items you do not want turned off/"unplugged" and its just amazing how it knows to turn on the correct items when needed!

Here is Another Quick Video of the Smart Strip Being explained and Featured on Oprah

Overall I'm very happy with this Smart Strip! I love being environmental friendly whenever possible and of course I love the Money Savings! Every home should have a smart strip in their home!!

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 *I was sent this item for review purposes and in no way was my opinion swayed in any way*

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