Monday, August 12, 2013

Potty Training with Blueberry Trainers

If you have a potty trainer, or are going to be getting to that stage, read on!  Blueberry Trainers are training pants that feel and look like real underwear.  Not only that, they are adorable! 

About Blueberry:

"Over the years, after selling thousands and thousands of diapers, I started to realize that we have a responsibility much bigger than just making products that won’t fall apart: Making sure the materials we use are 100% safe for babies.

We put just as much care and effort in creating clean diapers the same way you would in making a meal for people you love--you start with the best ingredients.
Whenever possible, we source our fabrics from the USA. This not only ensures us that the fabric is manufactured without any possible contaminants that may prove harmful to infants, but we have also found that the quality is more consistent and surpasses that of its imported counterparts. Using US-made fabrics also helps keep the textile manufacturing industry alive in the US. 
We use latex-free elastics exclusively on all our diapering products. This ensures us that the possibility of babies getting an allergic reaction with sensitivity to latex is greatly reduced, if not eliminated. And just like most of the fabrics we use, our latex-free elastic are made in the USA as well."

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We were sent the Blueberry Trainers in Cow Print

These trainers have an inner lining made with cotton velour, and a hidden layer of super absorbent microterry and PUL.  The waist, leg bands and outer layer are 50 % cotton and 50 %  polyester.  The hidden soaker is 100 % polyester and the inner lining is 80 % cotton and 20 % polyester.  And…they are made in the USA!  Because these trainers are only partially waterproof, they will contain small accidents, but are not designed for naptime or overnight.  
Blueberry trainers are available in 3 different sizes.   
Small fits 22-28 pounds  
Medium fits 25-35 pounds  
Large fits 32-42 pounds

Our Thoughts:
These Blueberry Trainers were perfect for small accidents and they are now one of the most trusted pair of trainers we own!

I like to put my daughter in these trainers when we are out an about because that’s when she tends to have more accidents (I think because she knows exactly where our potty is at home and other pottys kind of scare her lol)! Plus, they are so soft on the inside and I feel great putting them on my daughter, and she loves the fun print!

We recently took a trip to an local amusement park and stayed there ALL day with our 3 children, our youngest who is potty training is usually really good during the day about having accidents but I knew we might not be right at a bathroom and like i mentioned before she tends to have accidents only when we are away from the house, so I knew that I wanted her to wear her Blueberry Trainers that day, to help contain any accidents that we might have had! Well we made it all day and as we were walking out of the park (in the parking lot with no bathroom in sight) that’s when it happened and thanks to these blueberry trainers clean up was a breeze, my only problem was she wanted to wear her moo moo panties but they were then dirty! I call that a win for the day! Also these trainers wash wonderfully, I’ve washed them probably 5 times now and they look brand new still!

I recommend the Blueberry Trainers for all children who are potty training! These trainers are great for the early stages of potty training because they are great for accidents but they have so many cute designs to choose from that your child is sure to love putting them on!

Connect with Blueberry:

I received the item in the review free at no charge to me and all y thoughts and opinions are mind I was in no way swayed or compensated for my post.

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