Friday, September 12, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: KandiKRAZE Etsy shop review and giveaway!


on Etsy!



I have discovered a new Etsy shop that I am IN LOVE with!
If any of you are familiar with Kandi accessories, you know how absolutely awesome they are!  If you're not familiar with Kandi then allow me to absolutely dazzle you.  These fabulous pieces of work you see above are 100% handmade (meaning they NOT are made in China and available to everyone-hooray for originality!!) and designed especially to put a smile on your adorable little face!
I personally have several of KandiKRAZE's products:
Giraffes are my absolute FAVES! And when I ordered my kandi and told them I wanted a giraffe-it was no problem! She can literally do anything!! I ordered two more, as well!

I ADORE my Hello Kitty one! (Plus it's my favorite color!!) BTW they can make your kandi in any color!
Now I know they sound completely awesome and all, but wait there's more! Bracelets aren't all they do! They make super cool bowties, as well!

Aren't these just THE cutest things ever??
Now, you may be wondering, "Where would I wear this?" or "Who would I give this to?" Well no worries! You (or your little ones) can wear these any time! My bestfriend wears hers to school, and gets tons of compliments on them! These are great to give as gifts or for parties (for all those mommies out there-these would make pretty cool items in goodie bags!).  For those ravers out there-this shop is perfect for you! (They can come in glow in the dark!)
Have I convinced you yet?  If not, you may get a chance to see for yourself! The owner of this awesome shop is doing a giveaway for all of you!!
I can personally 100% vouch for the amazingness of this shop! Check it out! You won't regret it!




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i hope i win, this is so great.