Monday, September 9, 2013

Babyliss Pro: Not your Mama's Hot Rollers!

Growing up I can always remember my mother and grandmother doing their hair with Hot Rollers, now as a teenager I thought they were lame and only for "old people", yeah well it turns out that I didn't know everything like I thought I did when I was 16, and apparently my Mama Knew what she was doing when using Hot Rollers!  

I will admit my Mama was right about hot rollers but that in no way means I am going to be using her Hot Rollers from the 80's 

These would be the exact same ones my mama had! 

I think hair technology has come a long long way from way back then and it's time to use something a little  LOT better for your hair styling needs and that's where  Babyliss Professional Electric Ceramic Ionic Hot Rollers from Flat Iron Experts Comes in!

About Babyliss Pro:
"Babyliss Professional Hot Roller with super hot ceramic infused rollers. Ion generator emits millions of negative ions thorugh dual ports for healthy shiny hair and a style that will last. Ceramic generates far infrared heat for faster styling and less damge to the hair. Includes 30 spiked rollers (6 small, 8 medium, 8 large, 8 jumbo) with stay cool ends and 15  butterfly clips"

I love these they heat up quickly come with plenty of rollers in 3 different Fun colors and sizes, the rollers go in and out of your hair easily, and I absolutely love the design of the babyliss it can lay flat or you can stand it up! 

My hair is naturally curly, now that doesn't mean I wake up with Disney princess hair every morning more, no not at all I either wake up with eh it's half wavy half curls or oh crap I look homeless, no offense to the homeless, I'm also a mom of 3, 2 if which I have to have to school by 8 am and I refuse to be the mom in her pajamas half asleep dropping kids off (but that's a topic for another post), so my time is very limited in the mornings and honestly I would much rather sleep longer than spend forever working on my hair, I have way long thick hair and I timed it once it took me 2 HOURS to curl my hair with a regular curling iron, ain't nobody got time for that, so hot rollers are my go to beauty item tool! Simply turn them on when I get up go make coffee and get my clothes on then proceed to roll my hair! (i put my clothes on before doing hair so I'm not messing up my hair after and so I can get everything else that I need done taking my rollers out last if that makes sense)

My hair before, I'm not a morning person

Rolling your hair with hot rollers, is so easy you'll have to try it a few times to figure out the right way you want your curls but they are so forgiving, you do not have to roll them perfect! Simply spray your hair with hair spray and dirty hair works better so even more time friendly skip a day or two washing that hair, then I start at the crown of my head and roll starting at the end of your hair rolling down to.your head then clipping into place do that with all your hair working in layers usually end up with 3 layers of rollers, using the different sizes where I want different size curls smaller, smaller curls big big curls medium medium curls, I'm sure you get it, lol

All Rolled up!

After rolling all my hair I drink some coffee

Do my makeup

Then when my makeup/coffee is all done it's time to watch the magic unroll :)

Tada once you unroll them all
Spray the heck out if your hair with hair spray then I flip my hair upside down slightly shake/ sort of run my fingers through my hair spraying with hair spray once again (I NEVER brush my hair after curls it just makes it a big poofy mess)

Then this is How My Hair Turns Out!

Overall Babyliss hot rollers are my go to item, they are way quick 10 mins heat up time 10-15 min leave in time, and they are a great multitasking tool "hey look I'm curling my hair while drinking coffee, while doing my makeup, while making breakfast, while packing school lunches, while ....... Well you get it you can do anything while using these makes life easier! 

Want your own Babyliss Pro Ceramic Hot Rollers? Go HERE!
Do you Have any Hot Roller tips or questions Just leave a comment Below!

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