Friday, September 20, 2013

Valentina Shoes - hip girls + happy feet

Fostering girls' creativity & confidence. Espadrilles girls customize to create their own signature style. A giant leap for girlkind!

I just recently found out about Valentina's Kickstart Campaign and since I thought it was so wonderful I just had to share it with you!

Here is a little about Valentina:

"Valentina – Who We Are and Always Aim to Be
A happy, passionate brand for young girls and tweens age 4-14
A company that celebrates creativity and fosters individual expression 
A brand that aspires to build confidence in young girls

Our Story:
It started with my daughter.  Her artwork has always inspired me and I've seen how her creativity and self-expression through art has built her confidence.  So, two years ago, I set out to build a company that fosters creativity among girls through bold, beautiful shoes. 
We started with a small collection that included a white canvas espadrille, a blank canvas for blooming artists.  We told girls to draw, design and create their own signature style.  The results were amazing, their confidence soared!"

So back to the KickStart Campaign Valentina currently has (only for the next 23 days so hurry) a Kickstart Campaign that you can participate in and help launch a line of Valentina Shoes Here are a FEW ways you can:

Your Participation

After producing three collections over two years, we have the hang of things.  We've found the best, most affordable espadrille factory that offers a premium canvas (thicker weight canvas than the industry average, so your girls' toes won't rip through, we promise!)  Your pledge gives you first access to this premier new collection, in your girls' size (girls shoe size 11 - 6) with her choice of color and her own design (draw it herself, monogram, motif, slogan ... what will she choose?) 

But, production is expensive and requires funding up front in order to cut the first canvas.  So, the funds pledged will provide us the capital needed to meet minimums and produce this new line.  As you see from our photos, we have paid to produce samples to assess craftsmanship, inspect materials and ensure the manufacturer turns out quality products.  They have passed the test, and now we hope you will support our project, and give your girl the ultimate gift of creativity and confidence.  She will "heart" you for it!

Reward Levels - Our DYO Collection

We are offering this new collection at a special discounted rate to our Kickstarter friends only, at 20-30% off. That gives us happy feet!

NOTE:  Don't worry about selecting a size today. When the shoes arrive in February, we will provide you a printable, measurable size chart for you to measure your girls feet. And it can be shared with others in case you are gifting a pair. We will contact you to make your size and design selections prior to shipping.

The Gratitude: $10 USD

For your pledge, we will give you a virtual "high 10". We will also list your name on our gratitude page on our website. We will have a heart full of gratitude and happy feet!

The Canvas:  $25 USD 

Where it all started. A simple white pair of espadrilles
Thick heavy weight canvas, jute trim applied by hand
Cushion pad at heel to prevent rubbing
Have your girl take her markers and design her heart out

The Designer: $30 USD
  • Take “design your own” to new heights
  • Pick any color espadrille (solid, striped or colorblock)
  • Your girl designs what goes on it
  • Select a motif from our menu, in her fav color OR
  • Create a slogan or personalize with your girl’s name in her fav font - We happen to love “Girls Rock”


The Monogram: $40 USD
  • Personalization at its best
  • Choose any color espadrille (solid, colorblock or striped)
  • Select an imprint color and pick a monogram style from our menu
  • Create a custom monogrammed espadrille with a single letter or 3 letter monogram
  • Everyone will know it is hers

As you can see these shoes are beautiful and So much fun to design, the options above are just a FEW of the ways you can customize your shoes, and there are even more ways to particpate to find the FULL KICKSTART CAMPAIGN GO HERE

I know my daughter is in love with this idea and most girls would be they get to truly design their own shoes however they would like, and who wouldn't love that!!


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ValentinaShoesforGirls said...

Thank you Mama Love for the support and post! Cheers, Tina Hambly (founder+designer, Valentina)