Monday, November 11, 2013

Ultimate Party Meatballs Recipe Featuring: Heinz®, Johnsonville®, and Ocean Spray®

Fall and football season are here!! Which means it’s time for parties, tailgates, potlucks, holiday gatherings and other get-togethers! I love party planning but almost always am stumped on what to cook, something easy but delicious! And That's where the Ultimate Party Meatballs Recipe comes in: Heinz, Johnsonville and Ocean Spray have teamed up for the Ultimate PartyMeatballs recipe and it's fantastic!

The Ultimate PartyMeatballs recipe makes a perfect appetizer or even a main course, with it's tastebud pleasing tangy sweet sauce! And Best of all UltimateParty Meatballs just Uses 3 ingredients!

And to Make it Even Better this Simple recipe can be prepared on Stovetop or in a Slowcooker: Say hello to a New "leave it and go meal"!

first off you gather your ingredients 
(i got a little head of myself as you see i forgot to take the pic before I added the Chili sauce lol)

Next you pour both the Chili Sauce and Cranberry Sauce into the pot and stir until mixed well

Then add your Meatballs! It only takes about 15 minutes to cook once the Meatballs are added!!
Then Voila you are done and have a Delicious Dish to Serve!

Here is Full Ultimate Party Meatballs Recipe Info

My Family LOVED this recipe I had all 3 children asking for more, which is very rare, so I know  This delicious and versatile dish will become my new go-to recipe for family nights and entertaining!

I asked my husband what he thought of them and "Is There More?" is the only response I got so I'm pretty sure he liked them!!

So if you are looking for a fun new simple dish that everyone will love give the Ultimate Party Meatballs Recipe a try and let me know how you liked them!

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