Sunday, January 12, 2014

Girl Scout Cookies!

My oldest daughter, who is 6, joined Girl Scouts this year, and our cookies selling season is about to Kickoff in just 6 short days!!! She is SOOO excited to sell cookies and has been practicing her "sales pitch" to all of us for over a week now!

With this being our 1st year in Girl Scouts and us living far away from Family I'm a little nervous on how to go about selling the most cookies that we can possibly do! She has set a personal goal of 150 boxes for herself to sell (her first goal was 2500+ boxes!) and I just hope we meet or exceed that goal! Back way back when I was in Girl Scouts I was the top cookie seller for 2 years in a row, but rules have changed I lived close to family and in a good community where I was probably the only one selling them, so it's totally different this time we live in a much larger town with a million little girl scouts running around and we personally only know a few people here.

So with that being Said anyone have  any good tips on how to hustle our cookies and help my little daisy meet her goal?!

Also What's your Favorite Cookie? (we're trying to figure out the best sellers)

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Anonymous said...

Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties and Carmel Delites are the top sellers in all areas, with that being said the best way to sell them is to get out and pound the pavement so to speak. and of course Cookie Booths!!! Our entire troop of 16 girls are able to sell 5000+ boxes a year by just getting out in our very small community and trying. Good Luck :)