Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom

I was recently asked the lovely question that most stay at home moms encounter at one time or another

"What do you do all day?"

So with this lovely question that I have to bite my tongue to answer "politely" I thought I would share a little of a Day in the life of This Stay at home mom, this might also help those of you who are looking for a "Schedule" or some ideas to change up your day a little

Here is a kinda rundown of my day

6:15 am Alarm goes off, I hit Snooze
6:30 am Alarm goes off I really get up this time ( Why don't I just set the alarm for 6:30 and be done with it? It's a mental thing I know I'm getting up at 6:30 every morning but hitting snooze just feels like I'm sleeping in lol)

6:40 am I go downstairs let the dogs out start the coffee pot then let the dogs back in
6:45 am-ish I Try to figure out what I'm wearing and get dressed
7:00 am Kids alarm goes off (THIS is their alarm clock and it's wonderful)
7:05 am I tell kids to go get their clothes on (they are laid out down to socks and shoes the night before) I attempt something with my hair (like hairspray and smoothing nothing too crazy here I'll occasionally hotroll it but I usually do something at night so I wake up with decent hair I'll post on it next) brush my teeth put my shoes on
7:15 am Go help my 3 year old get dressed since she's just been running back in forth between her room and the other kids' playing, do a double check of my oldest two's outfits most likely tell them to put their shoes on the right feet help button shirts do hair etc
7:30 am Everyone downstairs for breakfast ( we usually have something pretty quick muffins and yogurt, cereal, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, donuts etc) Pass out Vitamins with Breakfast. Then Vitamins and Coffee for Me while I do my makeup (i put makeup on sitting at the table with the kids)
7:50 am Rush everyone to finish breakfast (I swear them with breakfast is horrible they take forever, talking and playing, we use to have breakfast first but then were starting to be late so switched to getting dressed first)
7:55 am (if i'm lucky that they finish by now)  Send kids upstairs to brush teeth wash faces etc while I start the car check backpacks put lunch boxes in them etc
8:08 am Put coats on hand out backpacks and head for the car
8:20 am Drop the oldest 2 off at school
8:35 am Back home with my 3 year old start laundry then usually play in the playroom with her for a while (some days we grocery shop, pay bills, etc)
9:45 am Start cleaning the family room (toys always accumulate in there never fails it's a magnet for them) move to the kitchen load or unload the dishwasher wipe down counter from breakfast try to figure out dinner if I need to take anything out of the freezer and swear I'm going to start menu planning next week Give my youngest a Snack
10:30 am Keep on cleaning usually I pick a room that I do once a week (one of the kids rooms, the upstairs living room, kids bathroom, etc) and i always have my little helper "helping" me
11:00 am sit for a minute check emails etc while watching a cartoon with my youngest
11:15 am Leave to go pick up my kindergartner (their school is 1/2 day kindergarten)
11:40 am back home put away backpack check for papers talk about school etc
11:50 am Lunch
12:15 pm  Kids disperse to either watch a TV show together or play I clean up the kitchen from lunch/swap the laundry if I hadn't already done so
12:45 am Check emails again quickly Blog etc
1:00 pm Wake up my husband (he works nights 3pm- 3am) Pick up my room
1:15 pm Wake up my husband again (he's a heavy sleeper)
1:30 pm We all hang out with my husband, playing a game on the tablet, kids talking about school stuff, watching something on TV playing with the kids talking about junk etc just something to hang out with him before he starts his day
2:00 pm I head down to the laundry room to get laundry ( part of his work clothes are in the load it sucks I have to wash the same 2 pieces of clothing every single day but it keeps me with no laundry overflowing I always wash the clothes from the previous day with his clothes that morning therefore never have laundry sitting more than 12 hours)  Anyways I bring the laundry up to my room dump it on the bed and fold/hang and put up it all while him and the kids hang out before he hops in the shower
2:30 pm Get together my husband's lunch and he leaves I do another sweep through the house to make sure it's "picked up" if I have time I might hop online for a bit my girls are usually playing or coloring
3:15 pm My first grader is home from school (he carpools home in the afternoons)
3:30 pm Go through his backpack talk about school clean out his lunch box etc
3:45 pm KIDS GO WILD (I have no idea why but it never fails 3:45 hits the kids are either hyper or arguing like crazy so I provide a snack to calm the monsters
4:00 pm We might play a board game or watch a netflix show together it's pretty much downtime
5:30 pm I start dinner (unless it's more time consuming then it will get started earlier)
6:00 pm We Eat dinner (I always ask them more about their days they seem to talk more at dinner)
6:45 pm They start baths/showers or pick out clothes while I clean up the kitchen and make my husband a plate for when he comes home
7:00 pm I check their outfits they laid out fix what's needed put my 3 year old in the bath while I blow dry my 6 year old daughter's hair then blow dry the 3 year old's hair they brush teeth, check finger nails, etc
7:45 pm Kids all in one Bedroom we read stories (usually 3 one for each of them)
8:00 pm Officially Tuck them in their own beds turn off lights, turn on night lights hand out last minute drinks of water, etc
8:15 pm After making sure no one, and by no one I mean my 3 year old, is going to get up I head downstairs to make my son's lunch for school, fill out any papers, lay out anything we need for the next day, straighten up anything left, turn off all the lights, etc
9:00 pm I head upstairs take a shower, I'm too lazy to dry my hair in the mornings and it's curly and thick so shower at night sleep with it wet I know some of you might be cringing but it works for me, pjs for me grab my laptop lay in bed watching lame tv/working on the blog or browsing pinterest trying to figure out great new crafty crap to do or read articles about awesome moms make mental note to be more like them and etc

11:00 pm Turn off the computer, let the dogs out once more, and attempt to sleep (I am horrible about falling asleep)
3:30 am wake up half-ass like to semi-communicate with my husband (he says I'm way grumpy when he gets home so I try to fake stepford wife niceness) Go back to sleep

Then IT ALL REPEATS EVERYDAY(except weekends we sleep later lol)

  •  Some days I do go to the grocery store so that happens right after school drop off
  • Some days I have to run around paying bills (that's my job too to make sure everything is paid on time and manage our banking)
  • Tuesdays we have Girl Scouts from 3:15 pm - 4:30 pm 
  • Sundays my husband is usually off so it's family day ( whether it's a family outing, or lounge around in pjs all day we do it together) 
  • Some days I have meetings at school or field trips or doctors appointments
  • Some days my 3 year old and I decide to go hang out at a friend's house in between school drop off and kindergarten pick up, it gives her a friend to play with, someone for me to talk to, and a quite house for my husband to sleep in 
  • Friday nights the kids usually have something (like this Friday is a girl scout party)
  • During fall, spring and summer my kids play sports so at least 2 days out of the week are games and 2 days are practices so there is always something going on!!
  • I don't have a babysitter so everything happens with at least my 3 year old in tow (which in my opinion is fun I wouldn't know what to do by myself, and she enjoys the one on one time and helping me) 

So Go Head and Ask me "What do you do all day?" 

No I'm not perfect, my kids do watch TV, some days I spend too much time online, but I never have laundry piles to be washed or put up, my house is usually relatively clean, I always get dressed in the mornings, My kids always have a cooked meal for dinner, our homework/projects are done, and we get to spend time together, my kids are healthy and happy and I think that I'm doing pretty good! I'm not perfect but I can guarantee you I don't lounge around in my pajamas all day eating bonbons on the couch watching cheesy soap operas doing nothing! Some days I think a "real job" as many call it would be way easier than my daily routine. I get up with kids in the middle of the night and still have to get up when My alarm goes off in the mornings I have very important responsibilities and I pride myself in doing my "job" the best I can and I enjoy my "job" very much!

What are your tips for being a Stay at Home Mom & Dealing with the Question of "what do you do all day?" ?

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