Monday, July 8, 2013

Zazoo Kids Review

I was recently sent the Zazoo Kids Photo Clock for review and I am so excited to share it with you!

I have 3 younger children who all are trying to stay up late past 10pm and wake up before 5 am, Why won't kids just trust me when I say one day you'll want sleep more than anything else! Well with that being said you can clearly see why I was so excited to try out Zazoo Kids Photo Clock to see if it would help my little munchkins sleep better!!
The clock displays images which clearly identify waking hours and sleeping hours so your little one knows when it’s time to go to sleep and when it’s okay to get out of bed in the morning. That means, if all goes well, I get a little more sleep in the morning until the ZAZOO changes to wake time at 7 AM.  Yes, please!!!!

The ZAZOO photo clockTM  is the contemporary multi-functional answer for your early risers.  For young children who wake too early or do not stay in bed all night, this is the solution for you.
The multi-media features ensure the clock will grow with your child for years and years of use. The alarm clock, rotating digital photo frame, music & audio book capabilities make this all-in-one a sure bet!
Watch this video for more info

How awesome is this Photo Clock, I mean really I want one for myself, it comes with fun images already on the clock that you can change to your child's style, or you can upload your own photos for a truly personalized experience, same with music and so much more!!!
There are so many cute styles that the clock comes in
We were sent the adorable Owl one!


Our Experiences with The Zazoo Kids Photo Clock:
We are in love! When I first pulled the Photo Clock out of the box I was surrounded by eager little ones who couldn't wait to see how it worked. I very quickly setup our preferences with the enclosed remote, and then the magic happened, all three of my children were waiting on bedtime, they kept checking the clock for the moon to pop up which was way out of the ordinary!! Finally 8:00 rolled around and my youngest was the first to spot the moon on the clock and immediately ran through the house shouting "OON" translation MOON! So without a word from me the older two washed their faces brushed their teeth put on jammies and were in bed!! AND they stayed in bed all night and until the next morning when the sun came out (on the clock)!!
(sun and moon designs)
 How did it work the next few nights (after the "newness" wore off) They are in bed on time every night with no fuss at all same with waking in the morning! SO this product is a winner works wonderfully and they just love all the extra features like the music playlist I can turn on the night time music and set a timer on the clock so it will automatically cut off after 30 minutes! This is truly a winner It's stylish functional and serves it's purpose! I can't wait to use this when back to school time rolls around it will help establish a routine so much quicker!
So Overall I highly recommend the Zazoo Photo Clock, they should pass these out to all new parents, everyone is happier with better/more sleep and Zazoo is there to help you accomplish that! Run down walk Over to Zazoo to order yours today!
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