Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Found My Favorite New Coffee!

I was recently contacted about reviewing a bag of Coffee From Coffee Bean Direct, I was naturally excited because, well, I live off of coffee, I mean I would have an IV of the stuff if I could, with that being said I am very particular about what coffee I like, there is one brand that I have my mom mail me because they do not sell it where I live, so I wasn't expecting to really be blown away by this coffee, but I was wrong, like way wrong!! 

Here's a little about Coffee Bean Direct:

"They carry over 100 varieties of Coffee and over 70 varieties of Tea! They roast Most of their coffee within 24 hours before it ships. All if their coffees & teas are blended, flavored & packaged by hand. They are located in NJ! And have excellent customer service where you can always talk/email a REAL person, who actually knows what they are talking about!! They ship quickly, usually next day. And are independently owned and operated!! What’s not to love about Coffee Bean Direct!!! (If you want to read all of their about us Go HERE and I urge you too one of the best "about us" sections I've read)

I was sent their 

City Roast Colombian Supremo

My Thoughts:

 First off this coffee smells heavenly! The next morning, after receiving the coffee, I decided to take a break from my normal coffee and give this one a try, before the pot was even halfway filled the wonderful aroma of this coffee filled my house I actually stood there watching and waiting for it to be done so I could pour myself a cup! And as soon as I tasted it I was sold the flavor is out of this world, just wonderful, I will admit I drank 2 pots that day and went to bed thinking about being able to wake up and make another pot! I definitely have to add this to the top of my favorite coffees list, it's like sunshiny magic in a cup! 

Do you want to check out Coffee Bean Direct?! 
Find them on these sites:

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