Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mi Cielo Review

Have you guys heard.of mi cielo? if not I have a treat for you guys!

First Here's a little about mi cielo:

"Made with love

mi cielo was born out of a love for creating something unique and playful for my own child, Tristan. After a few months into a new motherhood, I was tired of my baby boy's basic boring clothing. So I began hand-stitching felted flair to add a bit of variety to his wardrobe.

And so mi cielo was born

Next thing I know, I had a gigantic pile of appliqu├ęd clothing in our bedroom! My husband told me to start selling them so that we can get our space back, and that’s how mi cielo was born! I believe every single little one is so unique and special in his/her existence, especially for his/her family, so forget mass production! I want to create a one and only special item for every single little one and his/her family!

Handmade goodness

All items are created and hand-stitched with 100% love by me in Hawaii. I use felts in 28 different colors and play with them every day trying to create something original"

We were sent this awesome shirt for my son

Handmade clothes are the best, are they not? Whether made by you or someone else, the quality and time that goes into them is so much... more than regular clothes. I love receiving handmade items and This shirt is so stinking cute. Like mentioned above it's handmade and adorable! The design is wonderful and my son just loves having one of his favorite characters!

Here are some more if our favorites from mi cielo


Overall if you are looking for something truly unique for an adult, baby or child you can't go.wrong with mi cielo

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