Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My schedule

I am always googling or searching for other people's or examples of schedules for stay-at-home moms or homemakers I guess to see if I'm doing enough or a "good enough" job! so I finally made my own schedule that I typically follow Monday-Thursday ( friday saturday and sunday my husband is off my kids dont go to school so I do almost everything on the list just not at the same times) so here is my example schedule maybe it will help someone who has been googling others like crazy like I do :)

7:30 AM: me up, dressed, dogs out and fed, tidy up/laundry

8:00 AM: start breakfast

8:30 AM: Eat breakfast. clean kitchen kids color

9:00 AM: Plan dinner menu. Get food out of freezer to defrost, or start meal in slow cooker.

9:30 AM: Start one load of laundry. kids 1 cartoon (store days we skip this this play outside to grocery shop or DRs or whatever we might have I usually try to schedule everything for tuesdays so its sorta the same through out the weeks)
10:30: go upstairs kids dressed ,teeth, pick up rooms

11:30 AM: play outside? or inside

12:00 PM: take my Son to school

1:00 PM: lunch

1:30 PM: kids naps wake up my husband

2:00 PM: Pack Husbands lunch ,Fold and put away clean laundry.
2:00  PM: Husband off to work

3:15 PM: house clean up make our bed etc

3:30 PM: freetime maybe depends on how long the previous items took

4:00 PM: Aiden home

4:30: outside play backyard walks etc

5:30 PM: inside start dinner kids play in their rooms

6:00 PM: kids set table dinner time

6:30 PM: clean up dinner

7:00 PM: bath time PJ's teeth

7:15 PM: pick up rooms story time pick out clothes for next day

8:00 PM: Bedtime

8:15 pm: pick up anything that is out and My free time

10:00 PM: probably bed time (my husband works nights so its so quite sometimes i stay up til 11 or 12 but usually get bored lol)

Hope this helps someone now my I'm flexable if something takes longer or shorter than planned then I'm ok with the "time" of the scheduled item changing and some mornings typically tuesday we will go to the store and skip cartoons and etc to go to the store but honestly just adjust it to your needs. I find it was less stressful if i have a semi structured day even though I'm at home. I use to just sleep til the kids woke up and just winged it the rest of the day but it is so much easier with a schedule even if you just set a goal for yourself to try it for one month then see if its for you or not!

Hope this helped!



Anne D. said...

That does help a lot:) I follow no schedule whatsoever and wish I did. I think I'll try it. You make it look easy:)
annejk112233 at yahoo dot com

Anja M. said...

I love when people follow a schedule :) I wish I could do it also someday... It makes your day alot easier.

anjathisandthat at yahoo dot com