Tuesday, May 1, 2012

tomme tippee Review!

Tommee Tippe was so kind to send me 2 products to do a review on for all of you guys! They sent me a 2 pk of their explora easiflow (7-12month) and the explora easi-mat! I was so thrilled when I found out that I would be reviewing these products we have tried many sippy cups in the past and they all leak or are too hard for my daughter to drink out of and then when i found out I was reviewing the easi-mat too I was just over the moon! One of our biggest issues at meal-time is either the plate/bowl goes on her head (usually right after a bath) or it is thrown in the floor for the dogs, while this might be great entertainment for my daughter it creates alot of extra work for me lol.

I have heard great things about tomme tippe products, and they make everything from newborn products to toddler or even older feeding products they also have alot more go check out their website HERE I've also learned that Tommee Tippee has been around since 1965 and is the number one brand of infant and toddler feeding products in Great Britain. Their products are sold in 45 countries around the world. They've received tons of awards and accolades. That's pretty impressive!

explora easi-flow
So first off we tried out the cups which are adorable pink and blue with an owl on 1 and butterfly on the other my daughter loves owls she hoots at any that she sees so the owl cup was a huge hit with her! The cups are BPA free have a great cap attached to the cup to keep the lid clean when not in use (why don't all sippy cups do this they have caps for bottles but why not cups) did i mention the ATTACHED cap one that wont get lost and will keep the cup clean! The spouts are soft to keep little gums safe! They have great grips for little hands and They ARE truly spill-proof which was the main thing I was a sceptic of and they are spill proof no more puddles in the carseats or on the high chair tray! This cup is truly perfect for us! Tommee Tippee has truly thought of everything while making these cups !

cute design

amazing attached lid cover

she wouldnt let it go

enjoying a drink

I think this picture alone says she LOVES the cups!

Next up the easi-mat this was the product I have been wating on! It's heaven it keeps the plate flate on her tray and off the floor or her head! This product is also BPA free, and easy to clean! It's so simple to use sticks straight to the surface (any flat) and then you place the bowl or plate on top of the suction cup and that's all! Then when you are done there is a tab you pull to release the bowl or plate! The easi-mat also rolls up easily for travel, and I can't wait to take this with us to restaurants! At restaurants I'm usually playing goalie trying to keep their GLASS plates from smashing against the floor so this will be a new must have item in our travel bag for family outings!
the easi-mat fresh out of the package!

no mess on the floor or tray and she tried her hardest to get that bowl up!

hooting at the owl!

Tommee Tippee also makes many other products that I'm looking very forward to trying out like their easi-roll bib it has a mess catcher and rolls for travel! Also the easy scoop feeding bowls look amazing too it includes another attached lid and spoon! Tommee Tippee is a truly amazing company even better than I even thought before defiantly worth checking out and making your life easier!



Kelly D. said...

I love they these are BPA free.


G said...

the lid cover looks like a good idea

Mary said...

I love how great all the Tommee Tipee products are.