Thursday, October 11, 2012

Neato's Reusable Bags Review!


Replace your plastic baggies with neat-os!

neat-os reusable snack, sandwich and gallon bags are food safe and easy to wash! 100% made in the USA!

I love re-usable Anything, it's not only good for the environment, but also I'm cheap Thrifty  and it's great on my Wallet!!!
With Neat-Os reusable bags You can ditch those expensive plastic/"ziplock" bags of all sizes and replace them with a much more earth/$$ friendly alternative!
I was sent 1Gallon sized, Sandwich sized, and Snack sized bag from Neat-os and these babies are amazing! they are durable and totally functional!

About the bags
  • Made in the USA (the bags themselves and all their parts)
  • Easily washable - dishwasher safe
  • Certified food-safe materials
  • Made of food-grade coated canvas
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, pvc-free, lead-free, non toxic
  • Replaces hundreds of plastic baggies
  • Customizable

    My thoughts on Neat-os, they are great! My son's school is big on promoting each student to use recyclable/reuse able products for lunches and snacks and these are perfect for that! Also with the different sizes available it makes it so simple to use the Neat-os bags around the house for Everything! Also the most awesome part of the Neat-os bags is that you can totally customize your bags however you want, how???
    The material is able to be colored on and makes it a great fun way to customize your bags however you want!!!
    Here are some ideas on how to use Neat-os Reusable bags
    • food on the go, picnics
    • store food in your refrigerator
    • produce, keeps your veggies crisp
    • fruit
    • cheese
    • tortillas
    • onions, have a bag designated to keep the smell separate
    • flour
    • nuts
    • bring to the grocery store instead of taking the plastic bags for your produce or bulk food
    • receipts, coupons, checks
    • medication/inhalers
    • camping
    • Seasonal storage: cards, decorations
    • waste free school snacks and lunches
    • park snacks
    • stash of crayons or pens to have in your bag
    • toy, puzzle or game storage and organization
    • art supply organization
    • keep your breast pump parts to and from work
    • birthday party
    • activity to decorate
    • as goody bags
    • for your piƱata loot
    • put in your carry on, tsa acceptable
    • use for toiletries
    • use for make up
    • use for jewelry
    • use big ones in your suitcase for separating clothes
    • use for dirty clothes
    • help keep your suitcase organized
    As you can see the possibilities are endless!!!
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