Friday, October 5, 2012

Sticker Hub Review!

I was recently contacted by a great company that specialized in Removable Vinyl Wall Decals & Custom Stickers at reasonable prices, STICKER HUB!
At you can Shop their large selection of baby nursery and kids rooms wall decals ranging from zoo animals, aliens, happy monsters, cars, cats, dogs, dinosaurs, fairies, fish, monkeys, gorillas, knights, dragons, ladybugs, Noah's Ark, penguins, pirates and much more.

Or they also have DESIGN A STICKER where you can Design your own custom vinyl stickers in minutes with Sticker Hub's free Online Sticker Designer. Choose from dozens of shapes, five materials (gloss vinyl, matte, repositionable vinyl, heat transfer vinyl), hundreds of sizes, and unlimited colors, clip art, and text. And they have free shipping on orders over $50.

I Chose the Submarine Underwater Wall Decal Kit for my kids bathroom, that was in desperate need of some decor!
First off these decals are AMAZING, I mean I've used a lot of different type decals in the past and I didn't expect such great quality (not saying I thought that they would be bad) but these decals from Sticker Hub are, let me say it again, AMAZING! The material is so high quality and durable (in the past with other decals I've used for kids rooms the decal rips while peeling them off) but not these they are thick and just wonderfully made! And they are truly removable, I changed my mind on a few placements so I just peeled off the decal (no wall damage at all couldn't even tell it was there) and then I moved it to the new desired placement with no troubles at all! These are honestly the best kid wall decals that I've ever used!
Here are my bathroom mini makeover before and after pics!


Look how wonderful the bathroom looks now! And it was so easy, literally took me less than 20 mins and that was with "help" from 3 little kiddos!
Sticker Hub has such a wide selection of decals to choose from here are just a few of my other Favorites!

My youngest daughter is in LOVE with trains and Wants this one!


Perfect for Halloween or anytime of the year!
Overall I'm 100% satisfied with Sticker Hub, and encourage you to go check out their site
LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK to keep updated on great deals!

Oh and one last one Look at these Gnome Decals!! I just love it!
Thank you Sticker Hub!!
*I was sent these products for review purposes and in no way did anything sway my thoughts or opinions expressed, they are 100% my own*


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