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5 Easy Steps For the Best Sunless Tan!!!

I have a confession I have never ever in my whole life laid in a tanning bed, may not seem like that big of a confession, but where I grew up everyone "tanned" I mean all the girls in my school were heard almost daily saying "I'm going to go to _______ and lay in the tanning bed for 20 mins then we can _________", so I was surrounded by bronzed to perfection tan-aholics!

I was lucky though wasn't super pale, I actually was pretty dark naturally when I was younger, then I had kids and I think they drained the color from my skin, So I've resulted to "Fake-Baking" "Sunless tanning" whatever you want to call it and I've had some bad experiences with it and think I've finally got it down to a perfect routine so I thought I would Share, since winter is finally over and it's shorts season!



Why do I Sunless Tan?!
I Think I Look Better With a Tan!
I am in No Way bashing on Pale-ness, Some People look wonderful pale, but not me and I honestly think most people look better with some color to their skin!
Well My #1 favorite reason for a tan would be the saying “if you can’t tone it tan it!”
Yes tans make those jiggly legs & cellulite way less noticeable, I think you look healthier, thinner, and I Love how the red marks and imperfections on my skin tend to disappear when I’m tan!
But unfortunately, the down side to self-tanner is, if done incorrectly it can make you look orange, dirty, leave you streaky like a orange and white zebra, or make you smell horrid! SO That's where this post comes in, hopefully my tips and tricks will turn you into a Sunless Tanning Goddess!
 Okay first off the Most important thing when it comes to a Flawless Sunless Tan Would be the PRODUCT! Not every product is made the same therefore you will not get the same results with every product! I learned this the hard way by using just the cheapest product off of the drugstore's shelves, well that’s when my self-tanning ventures went way wrong! With every product that I've tried from the stores' shelves I have been left orange smelly or just yucky looking (remember the lady from there's something about mary)
  You don't want to look like this!!

This stuff is UH-mazing and just trust me I know it's a little more than the lotion at the drugstores, but do you want a real looking tan or what?! They sell in wholesale sizes or smaller sizes (4oz 8oz etc) Lotions and Sprays!


With Million Dollar Tan you will honestly have a tan that will leave you feeling like a million bucks!!!



With their Tan Icon Extreme - Dark Sunless Tanning Spray, you instantly see difference and never end up looking orange or streaky, I mean this stuff is 100% Legit!!

And there is no smelly to it and your tan will keep developing for up to 8 hours!



Okay let’s get Tan!





I cannot stress enough how important this step is! Get in a warm shower and start scrubbing!! I usually use a homemade sugar scrub Recipe can be found HERE (just scroll down a little)

To extra get exfoliated these are my steps:

1.      Shave my legs etc. all extra good

2.      Scrub myself down with sugar scrub (I mean really scrub all over arms knee s elbows everywhere)

3.      Rinse

4.      Shave again (yes again totally worth it you'll be silky smooth)


Step 2:


Lotion if needed

If you have normally dry elbows and knees put a small amount of lotion on them




Step 3:


Apply the Tanner


I Use the Spray kind so I simply start with one

·        leg spray it all over and blend it in. then move on to the next leg (always remember to go easy on Knees & ankles)!


·        Arms I spray and blend pretty simple except watch out for those elbows and wrist make sure you don't use too much and blend it well!



·        Shoulders neck, back, I reach what I can spraying and blending in,

of course I cannot reach my whole back so this is where I call in help lol


·        Face: I mix in the tanner with my moisturizer and just apply it like normal I always gradually add the amount in but adding it to the moisturizer works best!!!



(if needed use some baking soda and/or lemons)


but with Million Dollar tan you simply spray and blend really that simple and the color always turns out completely natural looking!!!

After Appling the tanner DO NOT Shower or get wet (sweating etc) for at least 6 hours! I usually try to make it 24 hours so the tan will last longer!

But with Million Dollar Tan your Tan will Last up to 12 days (depending on how fast your skin exfoliates, that's why the exfoliating part is so important and I highly recommend the sugar scrub!)



STEP 4 :


Reapply at least every 3-4days if you are trying to build your tan I usually reapply after every other shower (if that makes sense) until I've reached the color I want!




And don't forget to Moisturize if you want to keep that tan then you have to keep your skin MOSTURIZED!!!




Follow these steps And you will look Flawlessly Tanned !!

Do you Have any other Tanning Tips?


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