Friday, April 5, 2013

Dorm CO!

I Posted about Dorm Co about a week ago and just thought I'd share about my experiences and the product I got!
I was sent their
About the
Magic Peel N Stick Blackout Blind - 24" x 32

Top Features include:

  • Keeps your dorm room dark for easier sleep
  • Sticks to window using static - Can cut using scissors if necessary
  • Allows for good sleep (no more early sun)
  • Prevents people from seeing into your dorm - security

What I thought about the product: This product worked and was easy to use. I put it on my youngest daughter's window because she still naps and her windows are facing the sun so her room always stayed super bright!! After using Magic Peel N Stick Blackout Blind  the room is now dark enough for her to comfortably nap (she went straight to sleep!!) and I've noticed that the temperature has been much more comfortable in her room, before her room was the warmest in the house! Magic Peel N Stick Blackout Blind worked for us here are some of my before and after pics of the room so you can see for yourselves the difference the blackout blind made!

So Bright! (excuse the one bed not being made we are potty training so trying to use as little blankets as possible)

And After so much better! And you can see that I didn't quite cover the whole window, but if I would've the whole room would've been completely dark!

Overall I'm very happy with this product and With Dorm Co! Dorm Co. has a great selection of amazing products, their customer service is wonderful, and they ship very quickly!!! I would suggest that if you are looking for items for a dorm or simply need some useful products around your home, go check out Dorm Co. and I'm sure you'll find something you'll love!

Happy Shopping
I was sent this product for review purposes in no way was my opinion or thoughts swayed in any way.

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