Monday, April 8, 2013

Monkey Mat Review!

Definition of the Monkey Mat®. – noun \’maŋ-kē mat\
 1. A lightweight Travel Mat/ lightweight Exercise Mat/ lightweight Yoga Mat / lightweight Picnic Mat/ lightweight Outdoor Concert Mat/ lightweight Baby Mat / lightweight Outdoor Ground Mat / lightweight Baby Changing Pad / lightweight Play Mat / lightweight Beach Mat / lightweight Camping Mat  2. The perfect baby shower gift
The Monkey Mat® Story!-
“Dirty airport floors. Two beautiful baby girls. Six hour layover. *CRINGE! *
A desperate desire arose for either a constant shower of sanitizer…or a portable, clean surface I could take EVERYwhere.
Not a bulky blanket (who has room?), or something I had to plan for in advance to have with me (I am just NOT that organized!!).
I soon realized I also wanted such a solution for hotel floors. Soccer games. Spontaneous picnics. Outdoor concerts. Local festivals. Sit-ups at the park (where Fido just was, * CRINGE * again)…
And so began the search for a portable, clean surface to take EVERYwhere.
Shockingly, nothing like it.”
And so the Monkey Mat® madness began!..
I Was Recently Sent a Monkey Mat and I’m in Love with it! For those of you who didn’t quite get what the Monkey Mat is by the descriptions above; the Monkey Mat is a very convenient and Versatile product to have for anyone with children who travel places with their kids, short or long distance (actual airport traveling or just around town outings). The quality of the fabric is great, fashionable and durable, I feel like this mat will last us for a long time!!!
First off I love How Compact and Lightweight It Is.  When I say Compact I Mean Compact When Folded Nicely in The Included (And ATTACHED Pouch that it comes in).  When Fully Spread Out (5’x5’) It Is quite Large.  

Like I Mentioned, the Pouch is Attached to the Mat so No More Losing the Storage bag!! And the Monkey Mat Easily Folds Back into The Pouch When Done and ZIPS Closed. (It Honestly is the easiest thing to get back into the pouch, when I first opened up the Monkey Mat, I instantly thought “there is no way I will ever get that back into the bag, I’m not Houdini” But Within Seconds I had the Monkey Mat Perfectly folded back into the Pouch no problem at all!!)  
The Monkey Mat Also had a Neat Clip attached to the Pouch for Even Easier Convenience, I can clip the Small Pouch to my diaper bag, stroller, purse, or Whatever and that’s it: It doesn’t take up extra space In my bag!

Also, like this product could really get any better, it's a water repellent, machine washable, weighted corners (so that it doesn't get moved around), has Loops in the center to clip toys on, and loops on the corners in case you want to add some extra securing when you're on grass!! Oh and comes in several colors! Truly they have thought of everything with this product!!
We have had our Monkey Mat for Less than a Week and Have already used it several times, and have plans to use it A lot More! We took it with us to Soccer, and it was perfect for my girls to sit on while cheering on their brother, also the girls have used it for several teddy bear “tea party/ Picnics”! I Plan on Keeping this in the Car at all times to have on hand for Picnics, Sporting events, Playdates, and whatever else we may need it for; I know The Monkey Mat will be a lifesaver this Summer!!

Their website also has great tips about the Monkey Mat, So be Sure to Check That Out! WWW.MONKEYMAT.COM
Want to Connect with Monkey Mat More, Find them on these sites:
This is an awesome product and I would highly recommend it to any parents who have little ones!

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