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Friday, July 13, 2012

Couture Beginnings Review! Jewelry like WOW!

Do you love truly unique, bright, beautiful, and eclectic jewelry? I know I do I think I'm addicted to jewelry I often find myself wearing a ring on almost every finger or just bright bold statement pieces! I was the 12 year old rocking a huge, authentic I may add, turquoise ring every day, not just special occasions. And it's very important to me that I won’t be wearing the same thing as somebody else!

If you are looking for unusual detailed one of a kind jewelry then look no further I’m going to introduce you to a lovely Etsy shop that will change the way you accessorize your life!!!

Couture Beginnings is a wonderful shop, I mean it is the best; I literally love everything in the shop! I could see myself having such a hard time deciding what piece to wear and then ultimately coming to the conclusion that I must wear it all!

Couture Beginnings is a shop ran/created by a lovely lady who takes pride in all her creations. She has always had her hand in design, being a florist by trade. You really won’t see anything exactly the same in her shop, which is amazing imagine having an absolutely beautiful piece knowing that no one else will have one exactly the same!

I bet you are dying to see her work right! Here are the amazing pieces that I received!
Look how nicely they came! Not your average order online where the item is just thrown in a box, nope all her items come nicely wrapped up and gorgeous!

The bracelet, isn't it just Fabulous!



My pictures do not do these works of art justice they are so well designed and vibrant in person!

And here are some more wonderful pieces that I just love from her Shop!!



So if you want a one of a kind piece of amazing jewelry you now know where to go, Couture Beginnings !!

You won't be disappointed by what you find there and be sure to tell her that I sent you!!!

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