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Saturday, July 14, 2012

HeartJCreations review!

I love using natural handmade products whenever possible, so you know I was happy to do a review on a Etsy shop, HeartJCreations, that specializes in handmade natural body care products.

The creator at HeartJCreations has been making natural body care products for over 13 years, she uses herbs from her own gardens & fresh goats milk to create natural products that are good for you.
She has been vegetarian her entire life, so obliviously it is very important to her not to use any animal by products in her creations.

I was sent a few samples to try:

BERRIES and CREAM Goat Milk Soap

This soap is so great on your skin; The soap went on so smoothly and my skin is so much softer with just one use! We live in a very very very dry climate and my skin hates it so this product was just wonderful on my skin!
 Not  to mention the wonderful scent of CREAMY RASPBERRIES, STRAWBERRIES, & BLACKBERRIES! As soon as I opened the package I was hit with heavenly scents that I just fell for I wish my whole world smelled this good! And as of right now it's been 6 hours since I took my shower and used the soap and I can still smell the lovely scents on my skin!
Some people use dry goats milk in their soap making process. But HeartJCreations actually uses REAL LIQUID GOATS MILK that they use within a day of being milked.They use a LOCAL FARMER WHO RAISES MILK GOATS.

GOAT MILK LOTION with Honey Shea Butter and Oils from Avocado Grapeseed Jojoba

A little about their lotions: the lotion is thick and creamy with a wonderful silky creamy texture that comes from GOATS MILK, HONEY, & Shea Butter. It also moisturizes with COCOA BUTTER & is INFUSED with OILS from AVOCADO & GRAPE SEED. ALOE VERA is also added to this lotion for a nice moisture base. You will NOT find any of these chemicals in my products, like Silicones, Petroleum, SLS, ingnessians, Paraben of any kind, propylene glycol, & other harsh chemicals. There is no mineral oil in this lotion! I received the peppermint scent which was fantastic is was so minty and cool!

I love sugar scrub it just does wonders on my skin I have a recipe that I use to make a lot of but this sugar scrub is excellent and priced so wonderfully! Sugar is considered a great emollient which helps soften & smooth skin. It has a hydrating effect by reducing moisture evaporation from the skin surface.  I received the soapy clean scent that is a wonderful Clean, unisex scent that smells just like its' name. Neutral smell like you've just taken a shower.

Here is what HeartJCreations had to say about their sugar scrub!
  My SHEA BUTTER SUGAR SCRUB is made from scratch within 1 - 2 days from when you order (NOT FROM A BASE a lot of others buy, re-scent & mark the price up a lot & say it's better.) YOU DON'T NEED TO PAY MORE FOR NATURAL. Natural ingredients are available & often times at nearly the same cost as chemical laden products. It's just easier to use chemicals since they are readily available nowadays! ;-( You will NOT find any of these chemicals in my products, like Silicones, Petroleum, SLS, ingnessians, Paraben of any kind, propylene glycol, & other harsh chemicals

 So how neat is that they know exactly where all of their ingredients for their products are coming from and know exactly what they are using in all of the items created for you! Not to mention this stuff is heavenly for your skin!

Go check out HeartJCreations' Etsy shop and get your skin something wonderful!

*Disclosure The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation**

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