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Friday, July 27, 2012

Dotz Designz Review!

Do you have trouble keeping up with your family's schedule? I know I do and I always buy those paper calendars but they never get used or I lose them and then you just have to throw them away after the year is up!

Well thanks to Dot'z Dotz Designz my life is much more organized and not to mention very stylish!!

Dot'z Dotz Designz sent me the mother of all calendars it has absolutely everything you need in a calendar.

The Perpetual CALENDAR CREATIONZ by dot'z dotz designz (12" x 12")
Here is a little info on the calendar before I blow you away with pictures

This is unique, high quality magnetic calendar that you can use year after year. Dotz Designz designed Calendar Creationz for Christmas gifts and it was LOVED! Calendar Creationz is a 12 x 12 calendar kit that includes a 12 x 12 white OR black frame, (12) decorated months (pages) of the year, 31 days of the month number magnets, dry erase calendar grid, set of 27 holidays/events.

first off this is how it came packaged, In a box and super bubble wrapped, but I just love seeing products nicely displayed when you open the package!

It was already set for July!

The magnets have their own little cutey decorated case so you won't lose them! 

And here are the magnets you get!

sort of a close up my flash wasn't liking the tin!
The events/holidays magnets included are as follows: New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, St. Patricks Day, Daylight Savings Time (Spring), First Day of Spring, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, First Day of Summer, 4th of July, First Day of School, Labor Day, First Day of Fall, Halloween, Daylight Savings Time (Fall), Thanksgiving, First Day of Winter, Christmas, 5 magnets for birthdays, and 3 magnets for anniversary/weddings. 

It is in a picture frame so you have the option of hanging it or sitting it on a table or counter!

Dry erase, magical, I have horrible handwriting and often have to change stuff on the calendar so I just love the dry erase!!

Holiday magnet!

Each of the month sheets are made of high quality paper with shiny, raised, or glitter images. FUN paper! The month sheets are packaged in 12 x 12 page protectors and the entire kit is in a 12 x 12 folder for high quality and storage. Use a dry erase pen (not included) on the dry erase overlay to highlight your activities for the month.

I was just going to show you a few of my favorite month sheets but I decided that I like them all and that you needed to see them!! And my pictures in no way do them justice these are awesome pages decorated for each month!

Oh and don't worry about trying to keep up with the calendar background pages and magnets everything comes nicely packed in a sturdy snap closure folder to store everything in when you are not using it!!

This calendar is beyond describable it is fantastic, the 12 different themed pages to change out the backgrounds and then the magnets and it's totally reusable year after year! And I love how it's dry erase that way when our plans change I don't have to scribble out a day and try to fit in the new plans I can just wipe it clean and start over!!

Dot'z Dotz Designz also sent me this wonderful Menu Planner!

Now I've been pinning Ideas on how to make my own menu planner but let's face it I pin a lot and don't always diy everything I plan and even if I did there is no way I could have made one this cute and functional for any less than Dot'z Dotz Designz charges (only $9 for the menu planner!!) It is also magnetic so it sticks right on to the fridge and is also dry erase so easy to fill out each week no tons of tiny paper slips to keep up with!!

Dot'z Dotz Designz also has other fantastic items to help keep your life a little more orderly!

Enjoy a unique, high quality magnetic "TO DO" chart that your children can use as a way to track chores, rewards, and/or responsibilities. The "To Do" chart is placed in a 12" x 12" white or black frames. The clear cover can be used as a dry-erase board as well.

The "To Do" chart comes with a set of 30 chores/tasks for you to use as you wish. Also included are 25 stars to place on the days the chores/tasks are to be done. 

The planner is a 6" wide by 12" long beautiful piece of paper with embellishments and a block for each day of the week. The planner can be written on with a dry-erase marker and at the end of the week, erased and you start all over! The planner can be attached to the fridge as it is magnetized. 
Dotz has multiple background designs that can be chosen or they can pretty much custom make anything to fit your kitchen decor. 

I am so excited to be using these new items to help with our household organization, we are about to be getting busy the in the next month, my son starts kindergarten, my oldest daughter preschool, I start night classes, my husband works about 50+hours a week, and then I have a 22 month old so these will be my new go to items to try to make our lives run smoothly. I can actually plan meals now for whoever is at home that night to see and then keep track of all of the family's events through this lovely calendar and it will look so great in our home with all the different backgrounds for each month!!!

So if you are in need of some help in the organization department go to DOT'Z DOTZ DESIGNZ and remember be sure to tell them Mama Love sent you!!

Thank you Dot'z Dotz Designz!!!

*I received these products for review purposes and in no way were my thoughts or opinions swayed in anyway!*

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