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Monday, July 16, 2012

SunBug Designs Slide Sled Review!

Do your children love going to parks during the summer? I know mine do, but often times I find myself sadly having to tell them no, because the playground equipment is too hot for them to play on, especially the slides!

Well thanks to SunBug Design and their awesome Slide Sled our playground dilemma is solved!

What's a Slide Sled you may ask?! I wondered the same thing I had never even heard of a Slide Sled, but it's the best new thing since sliced bread lol!

A Slide Sled c has multi purposes and can be used on slides, swings, as a seat pad to sit on the floor, perfect for bleachers on those hot days, and much more!

The purpose is to help reduce the risk of slide related heat burns on children while playing on a playground slides. The slide sled creates a barrier between the child and the slide so that playing on the playground slides in the warm weather is safer for children. It is to be placed underneath a child before going down the slide. The child holds onto the handles and slides down reducing the risk of burning themselves from the heat of the slide.

How Awesome is the Slide Sled, after I found out about them I started wondering Why has no one come up with these way before now! Do you remember the old metal really tall slides? I sure do and I remember how hot those were in the summer. Now I know most slides now are plastic but they still get so hot and the Slide Sled is perfect!

Here are some pictures of my daughter trying it out!

It was so simple to use, my daughter figured it out on her own, and it really did protect her! In fact when she got done sliding the first time she proclaimed to the whole playground "momma the slide didn't burn my booty this time! I'm going to slide again!" And once my little outspoken girl was done the Slide Sled rolled right up for easy carrying for me!

Here are a few other fun items from SunBug Designs!

Minnie Mouse Costume - Pink (they also have red)

I'm in Love with the Slide Sled, and I'm pretty fond of a lot of other items in the shop! I honestly think every body with small children should have a slide sled, I have heard horror stories of how kids get seriously burned on playgrounds and I hate to think about that happening to my children, but now we are covered by SunBug Designs and their Slide Sled, one less think for this mommy to worry about!! 

Thank you SunBug Designs!

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