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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kreative Corner Designs Review

I just love adding personal touches to our home to make it feel, well more homey! And vinyl is usually my go to decorating favorite, it's so easy to add to any space and make something ordinary look extraordinary!

Kreative Corner Designs is a great Etsy shop that offers custom Vinyl Lettering to suit your decorating needs!

Kreative Corner Designs sent me this great Unless You Sell Thin Mints No Soliciting Vinyl Decal

And just in case you have never used vinyl, it's super easy to apply.
you just peel off (the lettering is still attached to one layer)

Then apply to your surface, and rub with a credit card or something similar and peel off the top layer of paper and .....

Then VOILA you are done and left with a beautiful, in my case, door that looks like I spent way more time than I did decorating.

I just love this  Unless You Sell Thin Mints No Soliciting Vinyl Decal, we are often bothered by salesmen trying to sell us the most ridiculous things, like a $4000 vacuum cleaner! And they always come at the worse times during dinner or bath time and I'm wrangling kids and 2 dogs while trying not to be rude listening to their sales pitch. So, I've been wanting a No Soliciting sign but not a tacky stale looking one, so this vinyl,  Unless You Sell Thin Mints No Soliciting Vinyl Decal is perfect humorous and stylish for our front door!

Kreative Corner Designs has so many other great vinyl pieces to add some style to your home or anywhere else you could use a little snazzy design!

Here are just a few!

How cute would this be in a bathroom!

These would be great for cups or coffee mugs or cards or anything I keep seeing all kinds of crafty "mustache" designs so the sky's the limit with these decals!

Fleur De Lis are just beautiful and I would use this in every room of my home!

I want to put this on every mirror that my daughters will ever look in, it's a great message for anyone!

This is so neat too, make your house number visible!

I would use vinyl on everything if I could, and I just love getting compliments on everything I decorate with vinyl. It's something that literally takes seconds to apply but makes whatever you are adding it to look like a million bucks!

So be sure to go to Kreative Corner Designs and find something great for your home, they have so many designs to choose from, and they also do custom orders!!

They are also on Facebook so go like them to keep up to date on sales and they also run giveaways!!

Be sure to tell Kreative Corner Designs that Mama Love sent you!!

*I received this product for only review purposes and my thoughts and opinions were not swayed in anyway!*

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