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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MissPriss Headbands Review!

I love headbands so much, they seem to make my hair look snazzy with little to no effort at all, especially when you have an awesome headband rockin hairstyles are so simple! I received an adorable headband from MissPriss Headbands lovely Etsy Shop! I went with the Packers headband, if you can’t tell we are Packers fans lol, but don’t worry she has so many style headbands I’m sure you will find one you love!

Photo from MissPrissHeadbands Etsy!

This Headband is so beautiful, the colors are so bright and it's sparkly! It's just what I look for in a headband especially a sports themed headband, I like to dress for sports but I do not like to give up girly cuteness, which this headband in NO way is lacking in!

MissPrissHeadbands has so many beautiful items in their Etsy shop here are some of my favorites!

Alabama headband (I'm a southern girl just misplaced as far as location goes)


She has so many other teams available in her Etsy Shop, so be sure to go check it out! Also if you don't see one you like or if you need your own school, cheer, softball, or any other team headband made MissPrissHeadbands does custom orders, so go get your team/school group in style! MissPrissHeadbands also offers discounts for team or wholesale orders!

My final thoughts on MissPrissHeadbands, I'm sold! I just love the fun girliness of these headbands and I can Imagine seeing a cheer squad rockin them or any other girls team or group! I know I'm going to be the envy of all the other ladies at our football gatherings! I'm also thinking about ordering my sister-in-law one when she graduates college next year and my younger sister is in band at her high school and several other activities so I know they would make great birthday, Christmas , graduation, or just because gifts!

My 4 year old wearing it (I think she might try to steal it game day!)

(my hair is a huge mess but look how cute that headband is!)

Go check out MissPrissHeadbands Etsy Shop and come back and tell me your favorite or another headband you would like to see made!

Thank you Jenna!


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