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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yellow Blue Bag Review!

I was on a hunt for an awesome new functional diaper bag that I could easily transition and use for rare non-kid times too, and I Luckily found yellowbluebag's Etsy shop!

Yellowbluebag sent me this amazing diaper bag/ Traveling Bag and it’s lovely!

I had been using the same diaper bag since my youngest was born, and she is now 20 months old so it was definitely time for a new more functional bag for our new “toddler” needs!

This bag is just absolutely wonderful it is very stylish they print is amazing, the inside is lined with vinyl so easy clean up, and there are pockets inside and outside for keeping things organized! And it’s large and sturdy enough for me to carry everything we need (for all 3 kids) but isn’t awkward to carry it’s honestly the perfect tote!

And when that bittersweet moment comes when we no longer have children young enough for me to carry around a diaper bag, this bag will NOT be tossed aside, it is so beautiful I can use this a oversized purse, or a tote or market bag or anything really!

Here are a few more great creations from

and the inside!

Yellowbluebag, is a great shop definitely worth checking out, and if you are looking for an amazing new diaper bag/over sized tote look no further and go check out Yellowbluebag's Etsy Shop!!

Thank you Yellowbluebag!!

*the product was received for product review purpose and my thoughts or opinions in no way were swayed *

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