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Monday, July 30, 2012

Wonderbox Review!

Have you ever heard of Wonder box?
If so you already know how great it is, and if not let me tell you a little about Wonder box!!

Creative activities
Mailed right to your door!    
A box a month for curious kids 3 to 6.
Three handpicked projects + all supplies you need.
Monthly themes: crafts, science & more.
Quality materials, always.
(Example of a Wonder box)

The Wonder box is wonderful, my kids love getting mail so of course they were thrilled when the Wonder box arrived, and it's filled with all kinds of fun LEARNING activities that they honestly enjoy doing and keep coming back to!
Look how cute the box comes!!

We received the Mad Scientist Box
Which included :

 I-SPY bottle kit
Magnet Magic
and an extra treat of Fun Fact cards that you match Shape Sticker on to make a mosaic picture!

The Mad Scientist

Magnet Magic! It came with a magnet wand which they loved going through the house testing it out seeing what items were metal!

In the Magnet Magic kit it also included a color/shape Bingo game which has been a big hit and they have been brushing up on their color/shape skills!

Making the I-Spy Bottle

It came with Letter beads and sequins to add to the bottle!
They picked out the letters in their names and just loved adding the "sparkles"!

When we were about to add the water, they were trying to figure out if the corn syrup (which is included) would sink or float to the top!

Shaking up the bottle!

Shape matching with stickers!
This was a big hit with them they enjoyed it even more than I thought they would!

Overall the Wonder box is a great thing for preschoolers, ages 3-6, and would be perfect for your little one or to gift to a lucky kiddo! Just imagine for the cost of a toy you could have a box of learning fun sent straight to the front door and these activities won't be forgotten after the first use my kids have been playing with their Wonder box items ever since we got them, it's their new go to entertainment!!

To find out more on how to order or gift the Wonder box go to their website

And get a wonderful learning tool and make some memories with your children!

Thank you Wonder box!!

*note this product was received for product review purposes my ideas were not swayed in anyway*

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