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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hair Chalk review and Tutorial!

Have you discovered hair chalking??

(I couldn't find the original source of this pic so if it's you, hope its ok, let me know and I'll link you!)

I'm just in love with the hair chalking idea in general, in my much younger years I use to dye my hair a different color at least every month or so, but now I have i don't have to time or patience and not to mention it's a little costly. So I'm you can imagine how excited I was to find hair chalking!! It gives me the ability to still have fun with my hair without the expensive cost and not to mention it washes out for the moments where I have to be a "grown-up"(boo).

A lovely company, Hair Color Chalk was nice enough to send me a sample pack to try out and use for a tutorial for you guys!

So many colors to choose from!!

Up close! look at the cute little compacts they come in, easy to use and store when not in use!

Now  a little about before I get started on the tutorial, They are the cutting edge leader in PREMIUM hair chalk, proudly made in the USA. They have great hair chalk!! so be sure to go check them out!

Now for the tutorial,

*Now this is a warning I have dark dark hair its  mixture of brown and black I don't really know what's up with it I haven't dyed it in years, so the chalking will show up much brighter in lighter colored hair but it still works fine in my hair!*
  • Hair chalk ( )
  • your hair :)
  • Hair spray (to lock the color in place)

  • I use a spray bottle of water (just to help with the color in my dark hair it isn't needed though optional)
  • I also like to either go over it with a straightener or curling iron also optional
Step 1: you are going to choose a color and a section of hair, I like to choose a section slightly underneath and not a hug chunk of hair! I also pin back them upper hair I'm not chalking

Just pinned back the top with a bobby pin.

Step 2: I slightly dampen the strand of hair where I'm putting the Chalk, using the water is optional, Then take the compact of hair chalk and place it under your strand of hair and pull it down (you can go over the hair with the chalk as much or as little as you want just depends on how intense you want the color!)

I very LIGHTLY spray my hair with water

the section to color

place the compact under the hair and drag it down

rotate the hair to color all sides and repeat with as many colors as you want.
Ah I have awful nails anyone want me to review some nail care items :)

Step 3: Spray lightly with hairspray

Step 4: I set it with a flat iron or curling iron, again optional.
Lack of makeup hmmm need to do a makeup review too!

Then Done, how simple!

you can make the colors darker or lighter I went kind of medium

ignore my face and crazy fly aways

I LOVE hair chalking it let's me have fun hair without the commitment of normal dyes, and in no way is damaging to my hair, it also allows me to change up the colors as much as I want too!!

Now I've seen where people are doing this with just regular chalk, and I'm sad to say that I've tried it and in no way does it work as good as the Hair Color Chalk do the normal chalk left my hair dry and the chalk just dusted off, where as this chalk from  doesn't, they just leave a lovey color and are so simple to use!

If you are looking for great chalks for your hair chalking needs go check out!!

Thank you Hair Color Chalk!

Kreative Corner Designs Review

I just love adding personal touches to our home to make it feel, well more homey! And vinyl is usually my go to decorating favorite, it's so easy to add to any space and make something ordinary look extraordinary!

Kreative Corner Designs is a great Etsy shop that offers custom Vinyl Lettering to suit your decorating needs!

Kreative Corner Designs sent me this great Unless You Sell Thin Mints No Soliciting Vinyl Decal

And just in case you have never used vinyl, it's super easy to apply.
you just peel off (the lettering is still attached to one layer)

Then apply to your surface, and rub with a credit card or something similar and peel off the top layer of paper and .....

Then VOILA you are done and left with a beautiful, in my case, door that looks like I spent way more time than I did decorating.

I just love this  Unless You Sell Thin Mints No Soliciting Vinyl Decal, we are often bothered by salesmen trying to sell us the most ridiculous things, like a $4000 vacuum cleaner! And they always come at the worse times during dinner or bath time and I'm wrangling kids and 2 dogs while trying not to be rude listening to their sales pitch. So, I've been wanting a No Soliciting sign but not a tacky stale looking one, so this vinyl,  Unless You Sell Thin Mints No Soliciting Vinyl Decal is perfect humorous and stylish for our front door!

Kreative Corner Designs has so many other great vinyl pieces to add some style to your home or anywhere else you could use a little snazzy design!

Here are just a few!

How cute would this be in a bathroom!

These would be great for cups or coffee mugs or cards or anything I keep seeing all kinds of crafty "mustache" designs so the sky's the limit with these decals!

Fleur De Lis are just beautiful and I would use this in every room of my home!

I want to put this on every mirror that my daughters will ever look in, it's a great message for anyone!

This is so neat too, make your house number visible!

I would use vinyl on everything if I could, and I just love getting compliments on everything I decorate with vinyl. It's something that literally takes seconds to apply but makes whatever you are adding it to look like a million bucks!

So be sure to go to Kreative Corner Designs and find something great for your home, they have so many designs to choose from, and they also do custom orders!!

They are also on Facebook so go like them to keep up to date on sales and they also run giveaways!!

Be sure to tell Kreative Corner Designs that Mama Love sent you!!

*I received this product for only review purposes and my thoughts and opinions were not swayed in anyway!*

Monday, July 30, 2012

Wonderbox Review!

Have you ever heard of Wonder box?
If so you already know how great it is, and if not let me tell you a little about Wonder box!!

Creative activities
Mailed right to your door!    
A box a month for curious kids 3 to 6.
Three handpicked projects + all supplies you need.
Monthly themes: crafts, science & more.
Quality materials, always.
(Example of a Wonder box)

The Wonder box is wonderful, my kids love getting mail so of course they were thrilled when the Wonder box arrived, and it's filled with all kinds of fun LEARNING activities that they honestly enjoy doing and keep coming back to!
Look how cute the box comes!!

We received the Mad Scientist Box
Which included :

 I-SPY bottle kit
Magnet Magic
and an extra treat of Fun Fact cards that you match Shape Sticker on to make a mosaic picture!

The Mad Scientist

Magnet Magic! It came with a magnet wand which they loved going through the house testing it out seeing what items were metal!

In the Magnet Magic kit it also included a color/shape Bingo game which has been a big hit and they have been brushing up on their color/shape skills!

Making the I-Spy Bottle

It came with Letter beads and sequins to add to the bottle!
They picked out the letters in their names and just loved adding the "sparkles"!

When we were about to add the water, they were trying to figure out if the corn syrup (which is included) would sink or float to the top!

Shaking up the bottle!

Shape matching with stickers!
This was a big hit with them they enjoyed it even more than I thought they would!

Overall the Wonder box is a great thing for preschoolers, ages 3-6, and would be perfect for your little one or to gift to a lucky kiddo! Just imagine for the cost of a toy you could have a box of learning fun sent straight to the front door and these activities won't be forgotten after the first use my kids have been playing with their Wonder box items ever since we got them, it's their new go to entertainment!!

To find out more on how to order or gift the Wonder box go to their website

And get a wonderful learning tool and make some memories with your children!

Thank you Wonder box!!

*note this product was received for product review purposes my ideas were not swayed in anyway*

LindaMunequita Meaningful jewelry winner!

THe winner of the set of rings from LindaMunequita Meaningful jewelry  is .............................

Anonymous said...
I love these rings the star wars ones! But I also like the real or not real hunger games rings!!!


treehugger @ Live DOT com

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yellow Blue Bag Review!

I was on a hunt for an awesome new functional diaper bag that I could easily transition and use for rare non-kid times too, and I Luckily found yellowbluebag's Etsy shop!

Yellowbluebag sent me this amazing diaper bag/ Traveling Bag and it’s lovely!

I had been using the same diaper bag since my youngest was born, and she is now 20 months old so it was definitely time for a new more functional bag for our new “toddler” needs!

This bag is just absolutely wonderful it is very stylish they print is amazing, the inside is lined with vinyl so easy clean up, and there are pockets inside and outside for keeping things organized! And it’s large and sturdy enough for me to carry everything we need (for all 3 kids) but isn’t awkward to carry it’s honestly the perfect tote!

And when that bittersweet moment comes when we no longer have children young enough for me to carry around a diaper bag, this bag will NOT be tossed aside, it is so beautiful I can use this a oversized purse, or a tote or market bag or anything really!

Here are a few more great creations from

and the inside!

Yellowbluebag, is a great shop definitely worth checking out, and if you are looking for an amazing new diaper bag/over sized tote look no further and go check out Yellowbluebag's Etsy Shop!!

Thank you Yellowbluebag!!

*the product was received for product review purpose and my thoughts or opinions in no way were swayed *